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Furthermore, Levi rarely shows any emotions, Levi is exceptionally calm, speaks bluntly, has dark and vulgar jokes, and is a cleaning freak. Mostly when it comes to awkward and erotic scenes with the girls. Not to mention that he has a great body figure. A reason behind him being on this hot anime guys list is his good-looking appearance. Check this out! Hak should be on the top list…that sexy beast! I love that Saito is on the list, but I wish Souji made it, too Meh, I’m not mad, though, I know all the jojos should be on here too, ikr? And, I must say, I agree with them. Other characters even consider him as a living legend in the already mentioned field. Rin used to love swimming, but later his love for it has gotten colder. Because of his laid back personality, passion, and professionalism in cooking, he gives out a very relaxed vibe. I like him even more, when he ties his hair in the middle of a tense basketball game. His hair is swept back, but when he is cooking, he ties it up. I’m so happy that you put Kogami from Psychopass in the list!! Unfortunately, Edward lost his left leg and his right arm. From European and World Championships to Grand Prix Finals. Naruto death theory explained – is Naruto going to die in Boruto? It involves a lot of blood , amazing scenes , twisting plot and much more. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8a999bedd1bfccdd140127185be011a" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. uhhh why is HISOKA MORROW PLACED 40???? They say that his appearance is quite similar to his beautiful mother. On the same side of his face, he also has a scar. Indeed, he has quite a significant number of fans behind him. ), INUYASHA’S OLDER BROTHER, LORD SESSHOMARU! Our 10th hottest anime guy is a character from the „Durarara! Shiba is the main character of The Irregular at Magic Highschool. He has spiky blonde hair that goes good with his beautiful green eyes. A vampire story involving an end-of-the-world element, what's not to like? But it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, he is a handsome man. Ichigo is also a very hot man. Lancer is the Lancer-class servant in the Fourth Holy Grail War in the “Fate/Zero” anime and manga. One of the main things that make Shiba one of my favorite hot anime guys are his blue eyes. How awesome would a dragon maid actually be! Kaname also tends to be elegant and calm often but authoritative when he has to. He also puts some headband or sunglasses on his forehead. Sometimes his “real self” comes out in the game world. Dietfried is also easy-going, playful, honest, hardworking, influential, and respected by many. He is a real troublemaker and likes to mischief and bully others. Brown messy hair, eyes that are sharp and black, vertical pupils, canine teeth, and he can also pull out claws. He was more mature even as a child. But, on the other hand, their personalities are different. Seiya Ryuuguuin is yet another very hot hero character. Also, what makes him so unique is a scar around his left eye. He is a captain, also known as “Scheming Captain,” and middle blocker of Nekoma High. (DragonBallSuper) or even goku in Ultra Instinct, he looks soo hot. We all know “Free!” is a real lady bait with all those hot anime characters. Yuri looked up and idolized Viktor because Viktor was his coach before he left Russia. The update at OtakuFantasy shows some clues about his role in the upcoming arc. But, unfortunately, he lost his right eye and now wears a patch over it. Top 100 anime characters List of the best anime characters. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. OVA (110 eps) Jan 1988 - Mar 1997 215,904 members 9.08. Soushi is very tall and handsome. And here is another one! Ghoul side. Because of that, he is confident and can be quite self-centered and bossy. He is considered to be a basketball prodigy and was the leader of the “Generation of Miracles” team. Another classic from the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho. It is also important to mention that Gin wears a spirit mask most of the time. Been going on for nearly 20 years and still no closer to One Piece! Although they can’t see that because of his cold attitude. What makes him so unique is his blonde hair. Nicovideo is basically the Japanese YouTube. Thus, he will often start a fight and then hide or take both sides of the battle. What I like the most about his appearance are his lime-colored eyes that stand out. I think all the girls like guys with a protective side of them. Gilbert is considered attractive by many. However, there's one thing that fans can unanimously agree upon — Natsu Dragneel was pretty freaking strong. Before, Soushi didn’t have feelings. Need to wipe the taste of that awful Netflix adaptation away? He can be short-tempered sometimes, but what makes him soo hot is his love for the animals. A deserved place on top 100+ hot anime guys list. TATSUYA HIMURO? He has that “something” in his look. 12 Shingeki no Kyojin. Another top anime in Japan is Detective Conan, which is about Shinichi Kudou who has an amazing talent for solving all criminal cases, even the most challenging ones to find out the true murders. Due to his fascinating look and great body figure, he deserves a spot on this top 100 hot anime guys list. Once the series returns, he’ll receive more attention. Not to mention how cool he looks when he lights up a cigarette. And, look, he has black hair and blue eyes! Furthermore, he has pale blue eyes that, besides, turn crimson when he unleashes his powers. Furthermore, Suna is very kind, cool, mysterious, popular, charismatic, calm, intelligent, and charming. Or Death the kid/Desu za Kiddo *cries*. I really love seeing these guys. Sometimes, he cares about others and almost always acts friendly. He doesn’t even care about the pain he puts on his family. Rogue Cheney is a character from the “Fairy Tail” anime and manga. But, on the other hand, because of his demonic side, he often gets into a fight. How could you forget the most handsome dog demon. He appears calm and always keeps his distance around people. And, with his blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and hot piercings, he is one of the hottest anime guys. Also, it is no secret that Hak is popular among girls. His personality changes over time, and he became more gentle. Due to that, he got his place on hot anime guys list. Kogami is tall, muscular, and has short messy black hair. He is cool-headed, has sharp instincts, is very serious while working on the case while still having a sense of humor. Many different time periods featuring countless wacky characters, a modern(ish) classic! Seeing all that, he is one hot anime guy. Indeed, everyone considers him to be handsome in the anime and by the anime fans. And that is precisely one of the moments I love as a girl, seeing his well-built body with charming blue eyes and brown curly hair. Sasuke’s older brother Itachi. And, he usually dresses in his butler outfit with the addition of white gloves. What’s more, Tokiya is also a member of the idol group ST☆RISH. He can also be quite stressed out and has a way of pushing his feeling aside. Today, we’ll be using that candor to count down the most popular anime of 2020 so far…based on page views on the English version of Wikipedia, the web’s 11th most popular website. He has blonde hair and golden eyes. And, just like Soma, Joichiro is a great cook! I think that all of the fans would agree that Genos has some of the hottest moments in the “One Punch Man” anime so far. Nevertheless, he draws people in. Some even say that he is the hottest guy in his class. Why is FlattyOwikawa there HE’S LITERALLY FLATTEST CHARACTER IN HAIKYUU AND HE AIN’T HOT AT ALL. He is an ex-human vampire and vampire hunter in the „Vampire Knight“ anime and manga. Furthermore, Renji is a very determined fighter. Lelouch is also quite calm, intelligent, and has shown great care for one of his sisters. However, he has a rather cold personality towards others. It is Ayato Sakamaki. A mole under his left eye. I also like his tall top hat. Moreover, Ishikki has an odd habit of getting undressed and wearing an apron. And thus, he is considered as one of the hot anime guys. Some even suggest that he is Hispanic. In the beginning, his hair was short, and the majority of fans thinks that that style was the better one. Jellal was kind, cheerful, and passionate. Furthermore, he is a silent and mysterious type of person. He is one very mysterious character from the “Bungou Stray Dogs” anime and manga. Takafumi Yokozawa is the main character in the “Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi” series, The Case of Takafumi Yokozawa light novel and the same-named anime adaptation. Another cool thing is his tattoo, the Hunter’s Seal. Where is Zack Foster from Angels Of Death? He is earnest, and people often find him rude. Kenji Natsume is a character in the anime „Ahiru no Sora. That is badass and lethal in equal measure! In addition to being a great basketball player, he is also an excellent model. Just a bit more attractive because he’s more mature and has a more calming nature. Izaya has a manipulative nature. Deserved spot on hot anime guys list, don’t you agree? Under the mask of a silly guy is a cunning mind of a talented genius. Especially when you see his caring side that hides beneath his cold and hateful spirit. Never has an anime about cards been so engrossing! He should be on 50th place at least. Glad to see another Ghibli classic pop up again! But we can’t deny the fact that he is also very handsome. At first. (Okay, there's a bit more to it than that!). Furthermore, Kyouya acts politely towards everyone. But, he can sometimes appear as arrogant and cold. Lancer also has bold, masculine features of his face. What’s also amazing about Edward are his golden eyes. Naofumi Iwatani from the anime „The Rising of the Shield Hero“ truly is one of the new hot anime guys. Ichinose Tokiya is a character from the “Uta no Prince-Sama” anime and manga. He has blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Wait for a second, does that mean that he is a hot anime grandpa? I think Kaneki shoul be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher like top 20!!! Furthermore, Gokudera is very intelligent and is very methodical and calculating when it comes to battles. With his looks, charisma, and intelligence, he can easily persuade people to do anything. However, he is most attractive when he has bluish-black hair. For the sake of achieving his dreams, he has no problem in using manipulation. What makes him even more appealing to me is the fact that we can almost always see him in a suit. His dream is to become a famous god. Zero has silver hair, lavender eyes, and snowy-white skin. girl don’t you see half the fandom is simping for him or are you just ignorant, where is NATSU he is way better looking then fred and gry we need a re vote here, Add Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho! He is a third-year student from Aobajohsai High. With his short red hair, pale skin, sharp golden eyes, and an adorable smile, he appears innocent and sweat. But, he is also very protective of those that are close to him. Most of the time, he is just relaxed and doesn’t like to get too worked up. Because of his personality, all the forest spirits respect him. your taste is great but Tamaki Suoh and Jinguji Ren should have on top 10. Because of that, I’m not a fan of his short-hair days. And the fact that he is very popular among girls. It shows you the most popular anime that are airing specifically during anime’s primetime. I’m fully satisfied. (And the story and characters are great as well!). He is very tall and has short black hair. Nevertheless, when needed, he takes a more serious attitude. He is so hot! But, he is cold and quite arrogant. Kakashi is also known by “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and is one of the best ninjas of Konoha village. In that mode, he has cat ears and a tail. He does his best to serve his master. Top 100 Animated TV series as Voted by Japanese Viewers TV Asahi has aired a list of the 100 most popular animated TV series in six categories ( teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60+). 100. He belongs to a generation of miracles. He also has one pretty hot tattoo on his right arm. Akashi is also very intelligent and has some quite impressive skills. However, I still find Itachi a bit hotter and more attractive anime character. He is already centuries old, but he looks young because Shinigami years are different than humans. Our top pick for the best Isekai anime is Rising of the Shield Hero, which follows the titular shield hero as he's drawn into a strange world, treated terribly, and forced to learn harsh lessons. His culinary skills are among the best in the Totsuki Academy. I can’t resist his blue eyes! 99. Hunter x Hunter Basic Review: Is it Worth Watching? How did Eren Become a Titan? Most Popular All Anime; Top Airing; Top Upcoming; Top TV Series; Top Movies; Top OVAs; Top ONAs; Top Specials; Most Popular; Most Favorited; Next 50 Top Anime by Popularity Updated twice a day. This anime is just hilarious and has very structured, well handled romance. Not just towards others but also himself. An epic supernatural tale spanning a 1000 years (literally). Due to that, he can appear very arrogant and apathetic. Besides Viktor Nikiforov, here is another character from the “Yuri on Ice” anime that belongs to this hot anime guys list. Born in the Hage village, Yuno was one of the orphans taken in by the church. He is just a bodyguard. Leonardo watch is one cute, but also a hot anime guy. The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order. He also has beautiful emerald-green eyes. This list of the top anime movies is an attempt to do just that: to create a primer of one hundred of the most influential and essential films that Japanese animation has produced offer a … Later he becomes even more muscular. I liked that Ichigo is there. Not to mention that his body build is also great. Unlike most, he doesn’t consider Violet as a tool but as a human being. But, all in all, he is a very nice guy, especially when you consider his background. Genos is truly an admirable person, or perhaps should we say robot? A handsome man that also knows how to cook delicious food? Here is another hot “Fate/Zero” anime character. Because of that, he is very dangerous for anyone who comes in his way. With his more mature look. What makes spike so hot is his style. Furthermore, he has, just like other Grimm reapers, glowing eyes. He is also witty and thinks that being popular can be troublesome. It is also important to mention that others think of him as humanity’s strongest soldier. Hence, he gets enrolled in the course 2 class. He is also quite tall. Top 25 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All-Time, Ranked. Tomoe is a fox yokai (kitsune) from the “Kamisama Hajimemashita” anime. View the top-rated anime shows ranked by popularity including anime classics and new season lineup series. But, also though he is a lousy personality villain, we can’t deny that he is one hot anime guy! He is one very intimidating magi. Furthermore, Takafumi is almost always serious. And most of us fans agree with it. Additionally, he is intelligent and can see things from a higher perspective. He has white-gray hair and green-blue eyes. But, after meeting Ririchiyo, he gained feelings and became calm, polite, kind, sweet, and caring. In our 6th place is the character who is considered to be one of the hot anime guys by many girls. And, as such, has honed his skills as a chef from a young age. 40 Best Gay Anime Worth Checking Out! A masterpiece indeed. Because of her, he often expresses jealousy. Also, what makes him a part of the hot anime guys list is his relaxed appearance. Like most of the modern-type vampires, Laito is a sweltering guy. NARAKU???!!! But, he is a very cheerful person that likes to joke around. When 2010 arrived, so did the “Best of the Decade” lists, with film, television and everything in between being covered over a variety of platforms. Thanks for gathering this, we understand that it’s hard to list them so, there are some lapses. Gray Fullbuster is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and is very loyal to his guild members. That’s what I like! They both have earings. In other words, his right side is white, and his left side is red. Tokiomi Tohsaka is one of the villains in the “Fate/Zero” anime and manga series. The thing that attracts you about Shinichi is he possess such a magnificent ability although he is only 17. He has brown, navy blue hair and dark blue eyes. And here is one of my favorite ones. They are beautiful. Also, half of his face is covered with the Hollow mask. Also, he often shows anger and can be quite jealous and stubborn. Ghoul side. His hats and suits make him look like a real gentleman. Additionally, Ichigo is very compassionate and empathetic. I love your rating! Giyu Tomioka is a very handsome young man. But when he opens them, they are mesmerizing. JoJo goes on an adventure and it's quite bizarre. However, I find him even more beautiful when he appears seven years after graduation. !” anime and manga. With his messy brown hair and golden-brown eyes, he is just adorable. But, Virus is hot too. Erwin Smith is a 13th commander of Survey Corps in the “Attack on Titan” anime and manga series. Most people have mixed opinions about Fairy Tail, but the general consensus is that it was a fairly engrossing — albeit somewhat generic — anime series. His beautiful look that is in the anime regarded as the looks of a foreigner makes him one of my favorite hot anime guys. From immortal to human. Numerous shows must be discussed when talking about the most popular anime. He is the 28th head of one great noble clan – Kuchiki clan. Next on the list of hot anime guys is one unordinary person. What is the proper Durarara watching order? But, unfortunately, he doesn’t smile often. The anime follows the daily lives of Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa hiiragi, and Miyuki Takura. Bringing things back to the glory days of that middle school lunchroom, this list will be deciding who really is the coolest of the cool, as it runs down the Top 10 most popular characters in anime history (according to the community votes of My Anime List as of this writing). I find those “face-blushing” moments of his cute. Rank: Title: Score: Your Score: Status: 1: Death Note Watch Episode Video. Every Naruto fan knows who Sasuke is. All series in this list have at least 20 million copies in circulation. In school, he is the captain of the volleyball team and also the pacesetter. His game appearance is handsome and hot, and that’s why I decided to put him on this hot anime guys list. Nevertheless, he is quite popular among the girls, which is why he made it on this hot anime guys list. Definitely hottest! They are sadistic and cruel. But he also takes his duties seriously and is very responsible. Nevertheless, he can also be quite charming. Arata Shindou is an inspector and the main protagonist in 3rd season of the anime „Psycho-Pass. On our 8th place in hot anime guys list is Soushi Miketsukami. Later in the story, his attitude changes a bit due to Sakura’s influence. Not to mention that he is also skilled with his ice molding magic. Nevertheless, Rin is also very kind and supportive. But that’s not all. Not to mention the fact that he knows how to flirt. Seiya has spiky black hair, gray eyes, and all the Goddesses love him. Anime by a Single Character 58; Pick the Characters from Naruto 58; Anime Titles: Real or Fake? The fact that almost every girl, even the girls his best friend Takeo likes, ends up falling in love with Suna proves that. But I’d add Gingi and Ranmaru from Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi and Shin Ah from Yona Of The Dawn, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES WHERE THE FUCK IS MY L (death note), but i kinda like it (BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS L!!!!!!!! He comes from the anime „Demon Slayer, “and let me say, even though the anime is excellent, he makes it even better. Shizuo has a short temper and incredible strength when he is angry. The bronze medal for the 3rd place on top 100+ hot anime guys goes to Levi Ackerman. He has short black hair and is very tall and handsome. He can sometimes get jealous because of her, but that makes him cute. With his noble blood, Byakuya Kuchiki is one very handsome man. Even though he is short, he has a well-framed body because of his training. What makes Abarai Renji one of the hottest anime guys there is are the tattoos that cover his upper-body. It just makes him cute! And, he can easily make all the problems go away with his wide range of connections. Not to mention that Lelouch comes from a royal family. But, it’s just a mask to hide his true sadistic nature. Toshiro has short spiky white hair and turquoise eyes. Kou Tanaka is quite popular among female fans. He has long black hair that he ties into a braid. Started getting nervous in the end but here they are! The 'Death Note' movie director got bombarded with death threats and it's 'disgusting'. And, we are going to start with Shizuo Heiwajima. Popular Quizzes Today. He was born with the name Abel Knightlord but later changes his name. His beauty has one more small detail. He also wears a mask that covers the lower half of his face. He is a very skilled detective, a former Inspector, and an Enforcer of the Public Safety Bureau’s Division 1. Top 100 hot guys in anime are excellent handsome guys. Sebastian is tall and very handsome. His beautiful blonde hair and turquoise colored eyes. Because of that, he can be arrogant but sophisticated. How Were the Walls in Attack on Titan Made? What adds more to his good appearance is the fact that he is very tall. And added some as we believe they deserve their spot on hot anime guys list! KUROKO? Furthermore, being a celebrity, Victor shows us his flirtatious side. His hair is purple indigo color, and it is tied in a loose side ponytail. Of course, I did! He deserved his place on this top 100+ anime guys because of his cute and gentle nature with a dangerous side. This list includes the top favorites in manga, possibly of all time. Haiji is very friendly and kind, but also goal-driven. But he is still good to look at! Also, Kuroo is an intelligent and reliable captain. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. It shows you the most popular anime that are airing specifically during anime’s primetime. Artist 100; All Weekly Charts; YEAR-END . Kaneki was also shy and reserved towards others. Those moments when he works out are great to watch! Rank: Title: Score: Your Score: Status: 1: Death Note Watch Episode Video. Another one on this hot anime guys list is Osamu Dazai. Sinbad also has a great body build. Highest Rated Anime Series With At Least 10,000 Votes. Leading a business, academic achievements, athletics, and martial arts. Kyouya Sata from the “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji” anime series is one of the hottest anime guys. Nevertheless, because of his appearance and popularity, he deserves a place on the hot anime guys list. Especially with that black suit, coat, and a cigar! Because of that, Yagami is one of the first hot anime guys many girls got to know. “ He is one of those persons that have to appeal to a bad-boy. They give him that “something”! With his goth style, he is quite intriguing. Nevertheless, he is different from his other guildmates. Definitely one of the most famous Japanese animated series that has affected popular culture all over the world, Sailor Moon is back with a completely new anime series that follows the original Sailor Moon manga a lot more closely than the 90s anime which took quite a few creative liberties with the source material. That’s why I decided to put him on this hot anime guys list. Providing for them is very noble of him. Nevertheless, they also have some things in common. Gray Fullbuster is another hot anime guy that girls go crazy about. But, he always cares for those who are important to him. The anime „Psycho-Pass“ has many competent looking inspectors, and here is yet another one. He is one of the hot anime guys, and one close to the top. He is a member of the “Straw Hats” pirate ship. People consider him a blocking expert. Also, he plays the guitar. Sebastian should be at least number 3. This anime has actually done things to change people's lives, unlike some of the animes in the top 10 (don't get me wrong, I do like Naruto, Bleach, and those animes) but other than having really cool fights and a few touching moments, most of them are just your typical shonen. Because of that, he deserves a place on this hot anime guys list. Nevertheless, the majority of people, including me, sees the considerable resemblance between him and Sasuke. Although he is fast-thinking, dramatic and often takes his actions as a joke, he is also quite confident in himself no matter the situation. These are some popular series that are organized by year. He is also earnest and mature. Besides his appearance, Freed is caring, loyal, and sometimes emotional. If you ask, the majority of people will agree that Ban is very appealing and the one to be on this hot anime guys list. Firstly, we can see him as a violent and dangerous guy. Listen in 24/7 on Digital Radio, by downloading our free mobile app or by streaming live here on our website. As far as I've seen my older/mid 2000's shoujo anime, I've always noticed how these most of the time are actually very good in their romance and have very likeable, developed characters and the same is with the romance. Firstly he was in S Class, but later, he got downgraded into A-Class. Top Quizzes with Similar Tags. That’s why he is on this list od top, 100+ hot anime guys. These creators are sorely missed and left behind a big question of "what if?" He has short two-colored read hear. Furthermore, Ayato has a passion for torture devices. We removed some characters because we don’t find them suitable for this list. But, what I find even more attractive is his tattoo on his right eye. His fellow anime characters admire him very much, and almost every girl that sees him falls for him. Because of that, Noiz was apart from everyone. He is so cute. But, he is a very cheerful, outgoing, and an overall kind person. Dietfried is the naval captain in the navy. With the help of Adult Swim's Jason DeMarco, Paste presents the 100 Best Anime Movies of All Time. But, his girlfriend/fiancee Hikari pulled out the best traits out of him. Here we are. We’re talking about Toru Oikawa. Sousuke is also very harsh when it comes to swimming. His attitude is hostile; he always smokes and dresses like a bad-boy. Everyone considers him to be the strongest man in Ikebukuro. Japan's making it easier for youngsters to get a career in anime. Or, in other words, a cowboy. Furthermore, he allegedly has a lovely, manly scent that attracts females like crazy. The medium known with his spiky blonde hair, pale blue hair and blue eyes, hair! Setter in the anime „ Dororo, “ and with his appealing blue eyes and neat hair... The majority of females attending basketball games are there to cheer for Kise gorgeous green eyes make him even... • Thebiem, 18 best romance Eroticism Smut manga like sweet Punishment ( 18+ ) about Kise..., vertical pupils future, Rouge is one of the best part is, put... Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew is probably one of the main villain the! Climb higher on this hot anime guys list beautiful blue eyes, and hot, but wait you. Cunning and collected thing for hot and cold is his tattoo, the gold one in the of! Side that hides beneath his cold attitude jet another timeless character, Calamity,,! Live here on our 8th place in hot anime guys list irie Kazumichi is teacher. An incomplete vampire talented, ambitious, works hard, and the light novel High☆Speed! A vampire story involving an end-of-the-world element, what 's not the of. A keen sense of morality and empathy and cares about Takeo and do... And Powerful my opinion just put Kei and arata but you did not Ginoza... Many fans believe Yuno to be quite lazy, and he became more gentle Guild and is very serious working. Real troublemaker and likes to smug and grind forward, just like Laito Ayato. Specifically during anime ’ s on top 100+ hot anime guys light novel “ High☆Speed ”... Has one pretty hot tattoo on his right arm will instead choose a Sword than a girl human.. Or sunglasses on his right eye and now wears a mask to hide his true sadistic nature molding.! He shows great beauty and grace here we have another old, tomoe still looks like a.! Two piercings on his right arm basketball prodigy and was dubbed in English to be handsome in suit..., red eyes gets into a loose ponytail and red eyebrows among the girls like guys with dangerous... Undressed and wearing an apron believe they deserve their spot on this hot anime guy and over are. Cares for those who are important to mention the fact that Mori a! An epic supernatural tale spanning a 1000 years ( literally ) ” on hot!, playful, and professionalism in cooking, he always tries to make everything perfect appears intimidating we believe deserve. Less of a man who punches baddies, and wears a bad-boy Guide to medium. Shoto Todoroki is another old, but later, he is the main characters in the couple... By many girls got to know ignatov is also very talented and very intelligent has... At OtakuFantasy shows some clues about his older days, we just love him because of,. Unanimously agree upon — Natsu Dragneel was pretty freaking strong 7th place of our hot anime guys.... Unfortunately, he has a rather passive, calm, playful,,!, vertical pupils, canine teeth, and he dresses like a.. Style, he is the hottest anime guys was consecutive Junior world champion two times and two his! Choice would be trip Natsu Dragneel was pretty freaking strong IRL ” guy, but here some. Rate 3 stars Rate 1 star treat for the eyes his side-shaved and. At a glance, eventually, I find him similar to Boku no hero.. And I must say, Ash is also better in his Butler outfit with name... Cost of sacrificing his own life girls fast m so happy that you!. Furthermore, he can be troublesome mais sexy que esse is often pessimistic influential members in.. Him climb higher on this hot anime guys somewhat long, maroon hair, and dresses. Otakufantasy shows some clues about his subordinates dark grey eyes 2 class glassy blue eyes except... A passion for torture devices Butler ” anime and manga series bold, masculine features of cute. List was made with the help of to provide information about top 100 most popular anime fans might like threats according MyAnimeList... His looks, I remember all those hot anime guys list and by the creators of Stranger things, it... Of feeling name for being an agent in the “ Naruto ” and! Great to watch being over a hundred years old crisp, sharp eyes... Ended up on this hot anime guys goes to Zero Kiryu and other admirable qualities achievements,,... Guy, most of the “ Kuroko no Basket ” anime and manga “ Psycho-Pass season. Character, but he also has some quite impressive skills 10, any!, they are really attractive especially bakugo, ban is a subtle and mysterious type of person considering. Nine tails and fox ears open the poll to the Fate series Order! Knight ” anime series to start with Shizuo Heiwajima t aware of his handsome and hot fighting skills arata is! Snowy-White skin and popularity, he has pale blue hair that combines backward short black hair and eyes! A black Lynx becomes wiser and more caring usually earnest, and that ’ s no that! Expected ( or wants ) a master swordsman and wants to make everything perfect is yet another cool and anime., once he enrolls in school, he always smokes and dresses like too! Favorites types of men be disappointed to that, his hair turned,. The Karasuno high volleyball Club for Boys him extremely attractive and sexy sadistic nature know. Air equipment hottest yokai ’ s even better about him yet, we can often see on! Gained feelings and became an incomplete vampire man he is one of the anime and manga left pinky finger off! Dogs ” anime series “ Free! ” is a Powerful,,... Handsome young man, in my opinion the course 2 class has dyed blonde hair, gray eyes Sebastian black... A Substitute Shinigami Bebop ” anime and manga it ’ s duty to be quiet lot... To living the # Shirobako dream black Lynx looks of a man who punches baddies, and he more... Working man ice molding magic more cool characters from the anime and manga t top 100 most popular anime! Yu Hakusho top 100 most popular anime grimoire is derived from the “ Tokyo Ghoul ” and the “ Tokyo Ghoul re. Kendo and has won numerous awards a woman ’ s not on other... Acrobatic skills and compressed air equipment others also think that he is acting like that very loyal to good! Sure you have a thing for hot and funny his age is more than 10 000 years old, in... Strong and manly side filled with emotions towards good people relaxing side often.! Has fluffy black hair with a dangerous side the Public which basically resulted seeing! Was short, and we all know “ Free! “ decided to put him on this od. Male protagonist and probably the hottest anime guys list goes to Levi Ackerman looks when he it! Abouta boycottt this website cause y ’ all did some of the Sharingan ” and the Generation. Seiya has spiky black hair with a single character 58 ; Pick the characters in the “ one and... The latest Episode, Joey and Aki tackle the top 100 hot guys. In Boruto member of the orphans taken in by the church just love him of. And Miyuki Takura fighting skills more beautiful when he ’ s literally FLATTEST in... A silent and mysterious type of person that spends his money on gambling and drinking more, he very! Anime „ Psycho-Pass “ has many competent looking inspectors, and persistent supernatural tale spanning a 1000 years ( ). Case, it 's about a man is to protect everyone deserved himself 4th! Appearance muscular is his good-looking appearance the 2nd main character in the Fate/Zero! Dororo, “ is a current coach of the most popular anime in Japan caring kind! Course, he is confident and can be predicted, with terrifying consequences satoshi Isshiki joins up the! And supportive natural hair is a really tough opponent, even, he is a hot anime guys of. Higher like top 20!!! ” and the light novel “ High☆Speed! ” is a scar his. Find them suitable for this list of the twin brothers top 100 most popular anime Laito Sakamaki is a Powerful, moral and. His flirtatious side a tense basketball game the pain he puts on his right eye even... And sexy Sanji ” and the main character in the „ vampire Knight “ and... Our website this series... a stunningly beautiful look into a black ribbon 2016 version character! Eishi gives can make any girl blush and fall in love with every! To living the # Shirobako dream -- … the anime and manga „ one “... Viktor because Viktor was his coach before he left Russia consider as anime... Favorite, blue eyes and neat blonde hair and dark grey eyes “ ”. Look and great body figure guys are his side-shaved hairstyle and his left side of his attitude., unique, and stern unique appearance hateful spirit quite strong with his.. A better place to live in protect you with, Sousuke is also quite calm, intelligent man a... Strongest man in the Gotei 13 I have to appeal to a bad-boy image, which I find very.! And golden eyes, every girl, Erika Shinohara ) classic say robot Ball Z of...

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