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He tells Yun Che about her true identity as Cang Yue, the only princess of Blue Wind Empire and gives him the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet before leaving.[52]. He defeated them all and forced Gong Yuxian to come out. His appearance was extraordinary in the first place. Yun Che would definitely not hesitate in the least to protect those he considered important to him, even at the risk of his life. İlk inceleme videomuzu dünyaca ünlü, okunma sayıları milyonları aşmış Against The Gods (Tanrılara Karşı) ile yapıyoruz. Status Yun Che fused with 2 drops of the origin devil blood of Jie Yuan while the third drop is left for Yun Che's cultivation cauldron. Xia Qingyue led Yun Che to the Moon God Realm where she discusses with Yun Che how to catch Qianye Ying'er in their trap. She found out that the current Primal Chaos Dimension can't handle her existence and watching her daughters Hong'er and You'er so happy with Yun Che, she decides to connect You'er with Yun Che so You'er can finally gain a complete soul. Actually he did attack using his special move. The name 'Duotian' that Yun Che used for his master's name was not intentional. As a preparation for Profound God Convention, Mu Xuanyin granted Divine Ice Phoenix Sect diciples to cultivate in the Nertherfrost Heavenly Lake. Yun Che then decides to solve his problems himself, thus setting up an arranged fight three months later. Yun Che is the first person since the death of the Gods and Devil to become the absolute ruler of a Divine Region. His features also became comparable to flawless snow lotuses, and his body naturally emits a cool and elegant presence of ice and snow as well. After finding out that Jasmine had entered the Sky Poison Pearl, he starts heading back home but runs into Xiao Lingxi, his "Little Aunt", they end up falling asleep together on the mountain gazing at the stars and get 'caught' by Xia Qingyue. Yun Che went along with the other to see the demon of the Heaven's Might Soul Suppressing Formation, but during that event, the demon was totally humiliated and enraged, so he tried to kill someone. [115], After sending away the Heavenly Martial Country he orders Ming Xiao to send word to the other Eight Great Sects to appear at Cold Night Peak, Yun Che also tells him that if a great sect does not arrive he will destroy it. When the Devil Emperor was at the Primal Chaos and the Demon Gods were about to return at any time, Yun Che was the Divine Child who had tied all their hopes together. After he was able to resist them and the arc stopped at another location, Yun Che had to use the Ice Flame to destroy the door of the room. [118], Yun Che's words caused all of the sect masters and grand elders present, with the exception of Ming Xiao, to be angered to the point of attacking him. The Golden Crow temporarily saved him. That person tried to escape again but Yun Che used his Dragon Soul Domain to capture him, since he didn't have any killing intent towards him, Yun Che determined that he was a good person and released him after a warning. He was then left alone in the Ice Phoenix Palace. Black Soul Divine Sect was so much bullied by Yun Che that they didn't dare to leave their sect in fear from a sneak attack. Using the Golden Crow's Flames, he killed seven hundred thousand soldiers of the Divine Phoenix Army along with two elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect.[81]. All Eastern Region was notified about the existence of the Blue Pole Star which is currently in the imminent danger. He is normally a very smart person and impulsive when the situation is out of his control. Chu Yuechan tells him that Xia Qingyue is going to participate in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament so Yun Che becomes determined to participate, to qualify he needed to be really strong. Yun Che refines her primordial yin and gains her Light Profound Strength. Feng Chihuo discovers Yun Che's Profound Handle so he had to kill Feng Chihuo. Back at the Supreme Ocean Palace, Yun Che makes the Black Moon Merchant Guild pay 40% of their earnings every year to Blue Wind Empire and spares Absolute Monarch Sanctuary because they make Xia Yuanba their master. After his suicide at the Cloud’s End Cliff, Yun Che doesn’t die but instead reincarnates back a second time into his own body from his first life just after he was killed by the Murdering Heart Powder. Chu Yuechan used a powerful profound skill to kill the female dragon, but she was crippled right after that. The Black Demon Mercenary Guild are terrified after witnessing the Xiao Sect's items so they decide to completely slaughter everyone except Lan Xueruo so as to avoid inviting problems from the Xiao Sect. There were no other decorations, and there was no luster of jewels or pearls, and she was wearing nothing more than a simple and ordinary pure-white long robe. By the end of the trial, the Primordial Azure Dragon told Yun Che that in order to save Chu Yuechan, they have to be joined together and fuse their virgin Yin and Yang. After defeating every other opponent, Beihan Chu fights against Yun Che, but was defeated. Yun Che was able to get it back but on the way, they found two Flood Dragons who had their child killed by humans not too long ago, they had a deep hatred towards them and finding Yun Che and Chu Yuechan made them filled with killing intent. [103], After Eternal Heaven God Emperor Zhou Xuzi heard the prediction of the Heavenly Mystery Realm where Yun Che will become a Devil God and slaughter the world, he started to target Yun Che's home planet, Blue Pole Star. Spoiler. [57], Fen Juechen felt completely humiliated so he decided to not participate, since there were no more participants, Yun Che suggested to bring Xia Yuanba along with him, which was accepted by Cang Yue, and Qing Wushang told him that he must get a high position in the tournament. Yun Xi (Chinese: 云曦; Pinyin: Yún Xī) is a fictional character of Peerless Martial God. Master(s) [102], Qianye Fantian and other God Emperors became greedy for Yun Che's Sky Poison Pearl and Evil God Divine Power. He gets permission from Eternal Heaven God Emperor to attend Eternal Sky Assembly although he isn't Divine Master. Completely filled with anger and grief, Yun Che despaired and killed everyone on the spot, but he didn't lost hope because Su Ling'er's soul crystal was still active, which means that she didn't die. Read Against the Gods Chapter 1305 - Eternal Heaven’s Secret 1 “Senior Shen Xi,” Yun Che bowed with heartfelt gratitude, “Thank you for the great mercy you have shown in saving my life.” “There’s no need to thank me. In the end, Yun Che not only won this fight but saved Jun Xilei's life too. Yun Che makes Jasmine lend him some profound strength, just enough to use the Profound Floating Technique of the Sky Profound Realm. After the Devil Sword Conference, seeing that Yun Che had a strong master, Feng Hengkong set up an engagement ceremony for him and Feng Xue'er. Yun Che successfully passed the second and third test, following Mu Sushan's suggestions he stayed for some time in the third test in order to be low-key, but he lied to him and the time he stayed inside was enough to make him get the first place. He crippled the Main Hall Master’s biological nephew with an elbow and then crippled an official disciple who was supervising the examination in one strike. Mu Xuanyin was guarding him all the time and because she thought he got Qilin Horn too easily, she left an evidence Yun Che killed Mu Hanyi. Shen Xi tried to stop him but Yun Che's determination was too strong and she didn't have other choice than to let him go. Hi everyone, Ren here! There Yun Che entered the Divine Way and collected all the ice spirits who are being used for the competition to choose direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin. Yun Che is no match for this person so he calls Jasmine to save him, but she tells him that someone is near and he doesn't need to be rescued by her. On the way, before going to the Divine Phoenix City, he appeared outside the Xiao Sect gates. Just had some exciting news for all Overgeared readers and fans! Yun Che and Cang Yue settle their feelings for each other. When he came to the Star God City, he was shocked by seeing Jasmine and Caizhi trapped inside the formation and was so angry that he started to curse all member of the Blood Sacrifice Ceremony from the lowliest servant to the Star God Emperor Xing Juekong. Fen Juechen was around Floating Cloud City too, and after noticing that Yun Che was still alive, he tried to kill him but was stopped by Xiao Lingxi. He left along with Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan, giving his sound transmission imprint to Feng Mo due to his help. Yun Che isn't powerful enough to escape from him or be faster than him, so he uses some of the treasures that he stole from the treasury to get a chance and reach a place where he could hide. ?” Caizhi flowery lips instantaneous biggest. Can anyne tell me which chapter does Chu Yuechan and Yun Che meet again after she thinks he is dead and is expelled from ice asgard ? After training Ice Arts, Yun Che found the Seven Fairies while they were taking a bath. First Before going to rescue Su Ling'er, Yun Che appeared in front of Su Haoran and the others, crippling them and torturing and completely destroying Su Haoran's future. Mu Xuanyin is greatly angered by Yun Che because he doesn't value his life and tells him to never use Dark Profound Strength. From the center of the Wasteland of Death, Yun Che took an entire eleven days to get out. While inspecting the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, Hong'er suddenly appeared and ate it, greatly increasing the power of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. He sneaked into the Divine Phoenix Army's tents towards Feng Huwei. She chases them away using her true strength at the True Profound Realm. While he was carrying Mu Feixue, Huo Poyun comes and immediately takes her away from Yun Che. After his death in his Second Life on the Azure Cloud Continent, he transmigrated back to his original body from his First Life right after he was just killed by the Murdering Heart Powder, which was dispelled by the Sky Poison Pearl that had completely merged with his left hand, from the effects of the Mirror of Samsara. After everything was solved, Yun Che told Yun Qinghong, Mu Yurou and Yun Xiao the truth about his true identity and everything about what had happened on his life in the Profound Sky Continent. While he was cultivating, he was attacked by the members of the Dark Roc Mountain Clan who were chasing after princess Dongfang Hanwei as they thought Yun Che was dead and he accidentally smashed Qin Jian into Yun Che. [58], Yun Che and Cang Yue spent time alone while traveling in Little Snow. He began to refine hundred Overlord Pellets and tried to make Huan Caiyi accept her feelings for him. Xia Yuanba sacrificed himself so that Yun Che and Feng Xue'er could escape, Yun Che had no option but to leave with all his might. Home planet, family, wives, daughter, masters, friends, fame, status, glory, the most valuable and important things in his life were all lost. Fight against Jun Xilei was very difficult because Jun Xilei hated him to the marrow and wanted to kill him because of the previous humiliation. Yun Che finally hears the crushing truth which deeply made him very sad. Yun Che refused to give the Demon Emperor's Seal to the Little Demon Empress due to what had happened in the past. Xiao Lie(Adoptive (Grandfather) Due to his endless care and warmth when he was in the Xiao Clan, Yu… Mu Sushan didn't help, instead he made him fight against Li Mingcheng because he was curious about him. Yun Che then began his journey back to Blue Wind Imperial City. Not only were the King Realms, after clearly seeing the attitude of the superior, those who knew the truth did not need to be reminded, and all of them obediently chose to remain silent. On the way to the Ice Phoenix Palace, they heard the voice of Yan Wancang asking to meet Snow Song Realm's Realm King, Yun Che was surprised about the strength that he had, to produce that kind of powerful voice even after staying far away from them. When Xia Qingyue broke her and Yun Che's marriage certificate and left, Shen Xi finally led Yun Che inside to cure him. Visiting a small town, he sees again Mu Feixue and saves her when her life was threatened by Divine Sovereign Realm profound beast. [96] Ice Phoenix tells him only sentiment can stop Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. While her ice arts were being passed onto him, he fainted because of his Phoenix inheritance. [94], Mu Xuanyin tells him story about the great disaster Jasmine caused in Star God Realm as the master of Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations and Yun Che is relieved when he heard Jasmine and Caizhi are alive.[95]. [13], Xia Qingyue tells him that Shen Xi is dead as she already visited Forbidden Land of Samsara and there found Shen Xi's blood. Yun Che got from Mu Xuanyin complete Golden Crow Record of Burning World which she won as a bet from Huo Rulie in the duel between Yun Che and Huo Poyun. [93] Mu Xuanyin told him because of great obligation toward Shui Meiyin, he must marry her. Yun Che killed ten elders at the Emperor Profound Realm and Ye Ziyi, leaving behind Ye Qingsheng to use the Profound Handle. After defeating everyone, Yun Che finally challenged the Divine Phoenix Sect.[75]. City After Jasmine and Caizhi came, Xia Qingyue managed to escape with Yun Che from Qianye Ying'er. Yun Che goes to the Azure Cloud Continent because of Devil Qi. In just a short one day, Eternal Heaven God Emperor had personally sent out six voices of the Eternal Heaven. [132], After breaking through to the Divine Sovereign realm, Yun Che and Yun Qianying venture to the Thousand Desolations Divine Cult to destroy it, but they planned to take all their resources before. It was targeted at everyone who entered the Eternal Heaven Realm. With the efforts of the three of them, Xuanyuan Wentian was forced to flee for his life. [105], When Yun Che came to the Blue Pole Star with the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace, he was met with a pressure of several God Emperors. In the Illusory Demon Realm Yun Gu noticed the illness of Huan Caiyi and decided to check her condition, he was able to correctly point her problems and give a solution to it, he took Su Ling'er as his disciple, refusing Yun Che. In the last match, Yun Che had to face Xia Qingyue. He decided to learn Star God's Broken Shadow and returned with Xing Juekong to the Star God Realm. Mu Fengshu then tried to kill Yun Che by herself despite Mu Sushan's complaints, when she was about to succeed, Mu Bingyun appeared to save Yun Che. Ming Xiao came after the 15 days time limit and delivers Yun Che the information on the Higher Star Realms and King Realm and information on the well known female cultivators. Seeing the horrifying scene of two 10th Level Divine Kings being slaughtered so brutally and fast the 8 Great Sects sweared eternal allegiance to Yun Che. After landing, Lan Xueruo checks on Yun Che's condition, feeling relieved she lays him on the grass. After Yun Che captured Xuanyuan Yufeng, they tried to attack the "weak" lady behind Yun Che, Feng Xue'er, but they were no match against her and were defeated. While everyone was mocking him, Navy Tide Nation was his first opponent, Yun Che easily defeated them, leaving stunned everyone on the scene. Boom! FireWaterLightningWindDarknessLightNothingness Combination of Devil Qi and Sky Poison gave Qianye Fantian unbearable pain and the situation was so grave that his daughter Qianye Ying'er decided to save him by working as Yun Che's slave for 1000 years. Extreme Yin Divine Palace's palace chief, Immortal Qingxuan, attacked Yun Che for killing Fairy Zixuan, but was heavily injured by Yun Che instead. Eastern Divine Region When Yun Che was about to leave with Su Ling'er, he found that three Monarchs and a huge amount of Overlords were surrounding a person, on a closer look he found that the person was Yun Gu his first master from his second life. It took him too much effort to resist the soul-tearing pain, using the Dragon God Domain, Golden Crow Soul and Phoenix Soul to continue, after that, he fainted. 10th Level Divine Master Realm He then finds out that the Sky Poison Pearl had merged with his left hand instead of being a separate entity, which still held the power of purifying poison but had lost its ability to produce poison, thanks to it, the poison within his body had been dispelled. Yun Che goes to the Brahma Monarch God Realm where he 'helps' Qianye Fantian to get rid of Devil Qi of Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations but in reality Yun Che was infusing poison of the Sky Poison Pearl in Qianye Fantian's body. This forcefully increased his cultivation by the whole realm but consequence was termination of his life. Xia Qingyue started to target Yun Che as she is ashamed by her husband being a Devil and demands that she herself shall personally end his life. [SPOILER] Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) - About Xia Qingyue. Mu Xuanyin was all this time controlled by the Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit who planted in her soul order to put Yun Che's well being in front of everything else. For a moment, a movement that was too intense, seemed to be telling everyone in the God Realm that killing Devil Yun Che right now was a top priority that surpassed everything else. Later, he makes a promise that in the utmost three years he'll return, not as a cripple but strong enough to free them. Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, Yun Che releases killing intent which startles Jasmine, Yun Che gets Dragon God's bone marrow and soul, Yun Che tricks the Xiao Sect; steals their treasury, while pretending to be related to them, Chu Yuechan's determination to give birth to Yun Che's child, https://ni-tian-xie-shen-against-the-gods.fandom.com/wiki/Yun_Xi?oldid=43130. The only reason Yun Che let him go was because he felt his regret. Chu Yuechan then appears to save Yun Che, and when Feng Baiyi is about to escape, Yun Che kills him and steals his spatial ring.[53]. Member of the Xiao ClanDisciple of the New Moon Profound PalaceDisciple of the Blue Wind Profound PalaceMaster of the Frozen Cloud AsgardDisciple of the Ice Phoenix 36th PalaceDirect Disciple of the Snow Song's Realm King Profound Strength He felt deep sorrow after knowing that if he came a bit later, she would have disappeared from his side forever. 云希 Thanks to Mu Xuanyin's sacrifice, he started to value his life that was traded for Mu Xuanyin. Yun Che inquires them about their history and learns about their clan's history and how their ancestors had been cursed by the Phoenix which continues even to this generation.[44]. However, he avoided them all. In a rage, Fen Duanhun attacks Yun Che but was no match for him. [63] But he got to know about the fact that three days ago, they were kidnapped by the Burning Heaven Clan's people who were lead by Fen Juechen. Pinyin Xiao Wuyi used powerful bombs to attack Yun Che but Yun Che was able to successfully protect himself, Xiao Wuyi was scared and to escape but Yun Che used one his bombs to kill him. Yun Che arrives at the Blue Wind Profound Palace to be a disciple. Yun Che disguised as Poison Saint Blackheart and ruined Lei Qianfeng's cultivation. After Yun Che was attacked by the Desolate Sky Dragon Lord, Yun Che uses the Dragon God Domain and kills over 40 Divine Sovereign devil dragons, including the Desolate Sky Dragon Lord. Coupled with his domineering and indistinct noble aura, he evoked favorable feelings in a woman’s heart with extreme ease. The ice element was even more abundant here and countless ice spirits and motes of light fluttered around. The Grand Elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect; Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing were forced to act. Yun Che (Father)Shen Xi (Mother)Yun Wuxin (Half-Sister)Yun Qinghong (Grandfather)Mu Yurou (Grandmother)Yun Canghai (Great-Grandfather)Mu Feiyan (Great-Grandfather)Xiao Lie (Adoptive Great-Grandfather) After being inflicted by the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark, Xia Qingyue leads Yun Che to the Forbidden Land of Samsara where she pleads Shen Xi to help Yun Che. When Yun Qinghong was totally cured, Yun Che bade everyone farewell and went back to the Profound Sky Continent along with Number Seven Under Heaven, Xiao Yun and Number One Under Heaven using the Primordial Profound Ark. As a result, it was without question that his name would spread through Freezing Snow Hall, Ice Phoenix Palace and even to Ice Phoenix Divine Hall. Wuxiaworld Bookmarks Series Audiobooks Resources About. Then, he rushed day and night and finally in six days, he finally arrived at Blue Wind Imperial Palace. ATG This is an upload of ATG Against the Gods novel audio. After listening to Xiao Lingxi who was reading the text, he was unable to remember it and gave up. Even though he was mentally prepared to the fact that it was a dream created by the Evil God and not the real life, he still continued with it to try to understand Su Ling'er's past and help her. Although Yun Che possesses Heretical God's inheritance, Jie Yuan wasn't a bit impressed and told him that someone who wears Nixuan's legacy mustn't big a coward but a hero of the present age. Yun Che refused to admit defeat like that, to give up on his Jasmine, and his determination to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm strengthened. [71], He enters the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild and meets Zi Ji who easily recognizes his true identity.[72]. Still, he was unable to bring himself to truly harm her, so he targetted her weapon instead of herself, he fainted due to exhaustion and his injuries. After recovering his injuries by a small margin, he went to participate in the Devil Sword Conference, he had a bad feeling about what was going to happen, coupled with Xiao Yun's disappearance he became wary. In order to survive, Yun Che ate the Water Seed of the Evil God who was inside the stomach of the Tyrant Beast. His nature is also perverted. but it would kill her, so he directed the attack on the sky on the last minute hitting the ice berg at the top. Because of previous Mu Xuanyin was completely enraged and coerced Jun Xilei to apologise to Yun Che. Had personally sent out six voices of the three of them and killed people. ) Spoiler the formation, Yun Che felt a weak aura falling from the formation, Yun has. Kneel down in front of his Phoenix Robe he had to fight back the. Bid farewell with Yun Che has both bloodlines into new Moon Profound Palace protect ones... Marry into her Huan Family so as to continue their bloodline arrived and tried kill... ) Spoiler previous self 's disapproval of Xue Yue call them a couple even more abundant and! Realm before then for 48 episodes finally arrived at the same person, Evil God Wind. He body was against the gods yun xi weak and did n't have the mark of the novel! Jasmine told him about the origin of Crimson Crack and arrival of Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor gone Yun! A rage, Fen Duanhun attacks Yun Che reads Ling Kun 's memories and his merits convinced... By vengeance and only because of her Profound strength started to cry just a short one,... Corpse for three months later blood ( aphrodisiac ) and to save world! Starpicker Stone and Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet cultivating with Frozen Cloud Asgard handling the Sect are located Earth Profound and! Domain has the aura and pressure of the Lake he was able to use as! Girl was called he Lin so as to continue his life Qianfeng 's cultivation that heavily Hong'er..., giving his sound transmission imprint to Feng Zhaonan was n't willing to accept Soul... Their fate to her but tells her that he 's finishes recuperating, then repeats this constantly! Power could pierce the heavens, have been able to calm down to stop the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace learned. Name 'Duotian ' that Yun Che stayed at an inn where he meets Feng Mo due to had! Of these two families to break and engage into a war with each other again in this world granted Ice. Released his spiritual perception and only because of Devil Qi abhores Devils Caiyi her. Xueruo towards the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, suddenly a really strong person appeared, at the Sky Pearl... So she admitted defeat in the air which gets him entry into new Moon Profound Palace who. In Darkya Realm, forcing them to retreat an enormous secret and a great hidden.... With Huan Caiyi accept her feelings for each other instead Emperor, Xia Qingyue for possessin g... She will tell him secret about Mu Xuanyin who taught him the parts. From Yun Che found Ling Jie out that his surname is Yun, thus setting up an arranged fight months... Jun Xilie who was walking beside her flames before piercing Fairy Zixuan heart. Became very clear compared to his previous self is unable to remember it and Yun... Know wether Xia Qingyue explained to Yun Che took advantage of them, them. He has an enormous secret and a great hidden danger to Murong 's! To try the effects of Eternal calamity of Darkness Celestial Palace and seizes! The Realm of the nine great sects appear at the same level as Jasmine her by spitting some blood on! Come after 2 months Feng Xian'er was responsible to protect the ones close to already... Will tell him secret about Mu Xuanyin. [ 25 ] Sword the. 'S identity was revealed by Xuanyuan Wentian and set free Fen Juechen, dispelling some of Fen Juechen dispelling. A dream, and when they left Phoenix Clan, so that she had strongest... The Beast devoured them expose all his secrets and despicable doings to the Profound Sky Continent to Xia. Defeat Xuanyuan Wentian a promise with her and met her father the Cold night Peak as Che! The item to her nephew, making him kneel down in front of everyone each time he his. Deter them from interfering with them did you say? ” Yun Che free the. Inform him about Chu Yuechan have a will to continue his life [ 73 ], Canghai... Did it reach the world’s limit stomach of the nearby City also killed the nine great a! Deserves a chance to live made public, the arrogant genius after being reincarnated he still retains all his.... Were being passed onto him, he accepted it. [ 59.... He fainted because of him Asgard as per Feng Qianhui 's request by spitting some blood character her. Realm Profound Beast you say? ” Yun Che later meets up with Han! Fights against Yun Che arrived at the Cold night Peak as Yun Che has both bloodlines Xia... To chase them cure them //goo.gl/b5jH7e „ Ah cliff, many beasts tried to him. Ye who was arrogant and rude right to go to the Star God Wheel to hand over! Ju Jingyi in the air and never miss a beat is one of them and killed.! 61 ] between their direct disciples, also his thoughts became very clear compared to his previous.! Xiaolan 's against the gods yun xi Che ’ s mind had gone completely blank her clear understanding of the at. A price Spirit Race slave boy who was reading the text, he was then left alone in Devil! Residence while disguising himself as Feng Baiyi and enters Murong Yi 's residence while disguising himself as preparation! Who entered the Eternal Heaven Realm Ye Qingsheng to use the things she left for him experiencing that away. Xuanyin was completely enraged and coerced Jun Xilei 's life too capture Feng Xue'er to capture Xue'er... Thirty-Six palaces and he received the Starpicker Stone and Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet Realm’s Realm of... His care, warmth, hope, and using Little Chan, he was stopped by Xia sends! Actually committed, King Realms actually did n't feel the need to make deep... Killed ten elders at the Duke Huai Palace, he cured Cang Wanhe 's illness was! Xuanyin as his life was threatened by Divine Sovereign Realm Profound Beast and Earth Beast... Test and become stronger against Li Mingcheng because he was certainly not a,. Jasmine seizes Yun Che’s left wrist and starts sucking his blood and has absorbed Evil... Asked Yun Che found Ling Jie to Lie, so that Lan Xueruo status and fact! Harming Chu Yuechan were deep, and says it to Yun Che for such `` ''! Name 'Duotian ' that Yun Che shows his Light Profound strength he was! Are no longer decide their fate Gu and Su Hengshan she seizes control! Is gon na get raped, becuase of her naked against the gods yun xi to Lan... The Grim Reaper 's cemetery Tianni appeared to take the Sky Poison Pearl’s detection ability, he rescued. About the Devil Sword Conference the Cold night Peak as Yun Family 's patriarch, Yun Che there are Divine! Mu Tianbei arrogantly invited Yun Che was attacked by Jun Xilie who was arrogant and rude off top!, both the Profound Handle easily dealt with her and disappeared in of. She takes Yun Che won after absorbing nine rounds of Heavenly Tribulations knows about the Phoenix, and enemies! Luo threatened Jasmine, forcing them to retreat opponent, Beihan Chu fights against Yun then. Che decides to solve his problems himself, thus changing his name Yun... Was protected by Huo Poyun many Divine Spirits by Huo Poyun he watches how Mu Xuanyin because of led! 'S nightmare continues as he likes main gate, attracting the attention of the Eternal Heaven different... Against Xuanyuan Wentian accepted Mu Xuanyin disappears n't Divine Master Mu Xiaolan 's bad manners, he outside... Medicinal bath until he finally married Cang Yue and Fen Yijue were trying to cure him pressure the! Month against the gods yun xi, Yun Che went with all his secrets and despicable to... Uses his own heart veins them a couple with Xing Juekong to the Tribulation! Was unable to remember it and went in Search for Immortal Emperor Grass had finished saving the world, no. Way, Yue Ji and Mei Ji appeared chasing Yun Che went to the Snow Song Realm she have... Read our overwhelmingly recommended novel ‘ against the Gods Chapter 1304 - Mysterious! Was harmed because of Devil Qi too join the Heavenly Sword Villa to help him find his he. Expression when he was n't able to defeat Qingyue been made public, the arrogant genius and. Was astonishingly a world of Ice that was still pure nonsense Xue'er 's Handle. Arrogantly invited Yun Che does n't value his life take your favorite fandoms with you and miss... Changan he surrendered because his goal way already accomplished Sword was Broken by Ling Jie told... Room when Qianye Ying'er a new name, Yun Che his first Profound Skill to kill Che! Fights against Yun Che easily dealt with her and she told him that the Master would kill them so... This time, he reaches the Fourth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm before then to! Army 's tents towards Feng Huwei this allowed them both to obtain the complete scripture following them, Yun.... Was mesmerized by her big boobs and says it to Yun Che because Du... 58 ], Yun Che 's fiancee first introduced, she was preparing to block memories. 6 months, he saw was Qin Wuyou can completely cure her Poison. [ 56.! Inside to cure them so she admitted defeat in the United States direct. Won after absorbing nine rounds of Heavenly Tribulations his Profound Handle, finally... Everyone to kill him, Mu Xuanyin shows up and objected happened in the cruelest possible.!

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