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They will also need a bike that can handle being airborne at high speed, as they launch over numerous humps and bridges and literally fly through the air for up to 30m. © 2020 Duke Marketing Ltd. All rights reserved. Peter Hickman recorded the fastest speed of Thursday's Superbike TT practice outing on the Isle of Man. A single race lap is undertaken from a standing start, further impacting the ability to produce a high average lap speed, compared to other classes which run multiple laps. Although progress has been steady, the electric class speed has plateaued over the last few years and the race only includes a small handful of entrants. Current Isle of Man TT Lap Records; Current Isle of Man TT Race Records; Newcomer Lap Records; ... is an independent website and is not affiliated with the Isle of Man TT Races ®. Michael Rutter holds the TT Zero lap record with a speed of 121.824mph set in 2018 on the Mugen. Team Mugen took the win again, continuing their ongoing domination at the absolute upper echelon of electric motorcycle sport. The bike of choice this year would be the refined for 2019 Shinden Mugen electric race bike, capable of producing 120 kW (around 160 bhp), and 210 Nm of torque. The electric class took from 2010 to 2018, or eight years, to do the same thing, albeit for only one 60km lap, so far. Isle of Man TT: Records and Stats Top 25 Fastest Riders – Solos Ever since the Isle of Man TT got underway in 1907 milestones have continually been achieved, none more so than in the outright lap record. This year is the 10th anniversary of a full electric class at the infamous Isle of Mann road racing circuit. McGuinness, magnanimous in defeat, concurred with Michael's assessment of the fierceness of the competition between the pair of old friends, telling Chris Kinley "Massive respect to Michael, even though he is a lot uglier than I am!”. In the winners' enclosure Michael told Manx Radio's Chris Kinley that the race was anything but easy, saying he'd pushed the electric bike to the limit, sliding into corners and feeling the wheel spin up under acceleration. Winning in the TT Zero class at the Isle of Mann requires a bike that can be ridden at around 200km/h, up and over 61km of mountains, valleys, towns and tree lined lanes with a nice handful of bridges and cobblestone streets for good luck. Another veteran competitor, Team Mirai’s Ian Lougher, took the final podium place. Ian Lougher, a ten time TT winner who made his Mountain Course debut in 1983, was the third rider home, securing a well-earned podium spot for the Mirai with Team ILR outfit. ^ "Isle of Man TT results: Peter Hickman becomes the world's fastest rider with record-breaking Senior TT victory". This is handicapped by around 80kg of additional weight (totalling 248kg) compared to your lighter, more powerful and longer-range petrol powered compatriots in the Superbike class. The 2008 Isle of Man TT saw McGuinness struggle with reliability problems with his bikes, but did manage to pick up his … And if you listen closely to the video snippet below, you will as well. The 2013 Isle of Man TT Festival also included the Pre-TT Classic Races on 24, 25 & 27 May 2013 and the Post-TT … The outright lap speed record is 217.989 km/h, set in 2018. Michael Rutter established a new TT Zero record, lapping the Isle of Man’s Mountain Course with an average speed of 121.904 mph, surpassing his own record set last year of 121.824 mph. The Isle of Man Government offered a prize of £10,000 for the first entrant to exceed the pr… Team UON entered with Daley’s close friend Davey Todd riding, but were sadly sidelined with a technical problem over the mountain part of the course. Bob McIntyre recorded the first 100mph lap in 1957 with John Williams (1976) and Steve Hislop (1989) breaking the 110mph and 120mph barriers respectively. However, the winning petrol bike increased by more than 1 per cent over the same period (212.2kmh v 209.68kmh). Michael Rutter has taken his seventh career Isle of Man TT victory by successfully defending his TT Zero crown with Mugen setting a new lap record … The Greatest Race on Earth. Although people on the Isle of Man had previously suggested such a race, it was organized by Azhar Hussain. Rutter clinched the race win with a new record lap from Bathams Mugen teammate John McGuinness. Above (l-r): 2019 Isle of Man Lightweight TT top three: 3 rd = Lee Johnston (Kawasaki), 1 st = Michael Dunlop (Paton), 2 nd = Jamie Coward (Kawasaki) That is John McGuinness rounding the corner at Creg-ny-Baa on his way to winning today’s Isle of Man TT Zero race, at a new lap record of over 119 mph. Rider Daley Mathison, who was to ride in the electric class with team UON (Interviewed here last year) and petrol bike classes, lost his life at high speed doing what he loved most. which replaced the TTXGP and also a Suzuki 50th Anniversary Lap of Honour and the TT Classic Parade which were held before the main Senior TT race. The 2019 race was marred by woeful weather limiting practice time and another tragic death. Isle of Man TT. Isle of Man TT Races and IOMTT are registered trademarks of John McGuinness earned his 22nd Isle of Man TT win following a record-breaking performance in the 2015 SES TT Zero - a one-lap electric motorcycle race. It’s the whining sound barely discernable under the commentary on the loudspeaker and the beating rotors of the helicopter. Victory in the Isle of Man is a sure-fire way of entering the annals of motorcycle history – another is to claim a lap or race record during the TT. Why it matters. Which electric car is the cheapest to run? Michael Rutter smashed the lap record in Thursday's SES TT Zero race, as he clinched his seventh TT race win. In 2007, as the TT marked its centenary, lap records were shattered – culminating in the frankly amazing 130.354mph lap in the Senior TT, recorded by John McGuinness. Subaru has smashed the long-standing lap record for a production car at the Isle of Man TT circuit with its WRX STI saloon. Peter Hickman produces an astonishing record final lap to win the Senior TT at the Isle of Man TT to pip race-long leader Dean Harrison in one of the closest races ever seen. Azhar Hussain promoted the first TTXGP demonstration race at the TT, then he was cut out of the action when the TT created its own TT Zero class. The TT is world famous, it is the last of the great challenges in motorsport and is the The first zero-emissions TT race was a one-lap demonstration, dubbed TTXGP, held in 2009. Michael Rutter won the Isle of Man TT Zero Race after becoming the first rider to lap the Mountain Course at an average speed of over 120mph. Can non-Tesla electric cars use Tesla EV chargers? Beating Mugen team mate John McGuinness by 8.9 seconds, Rutter's lap was an impressive 121.91mph. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Winning in the TT Zero class at the Isle of Mann requires a bike that can be ridden at around 200km/h, up and over 61km of mountains, valleys, towns and tree lined lanes with a nice handful of bridges and cobblestone streets for good luck. In the inaugural TT Zero race in 2010, the fastest lap was 96.82mph (155.8km/h) and 23:22.89. This year we witnessed another small step forward in the evolution of electric motorcycles due to commitment and bravery of those who take on the worlds most dangerous race.  We salute you. Riding the Mugen Shinden Nana, Rutter averaged a speed of 121.824 mph.To put that into perspective, only Michael Dunlop was able to put up a faster lap during … I have heard the future. 2 June 2018. Former British Rally … He finished ahead of 23-time TT winner John McGuinness. Riders must negotiate 264 separate corners, many at frighteningly high speeds, and if their racing line is correct, they will hurtle past stone walls, knees scraping the tarmac, helmets just inches from the wall. Top Stories Joshua v Pulev up next - radio and text Motorsport is dangerous to the extreme, but also pushes technology and skill to the ultimate level. Beating Mugen team mate John McGuinness by 8.9 seconds, Rutter's lap was an impressive 121.91mph. John McGuinness broke the lap record during practice for the Superbike race and then did it again in the … Should the Manx and Classic TT also be cancelled then by the time the first practice session takes place of the 37.73-mile Snaefell Mountain Course at the TT in 2022, the gap since the last closed-road lap in anger (Manx Grand Prix, August 2019) will be 33-months, and even longer for those at the sharp end of the Senior and Superbike races who won’t have seen the famous TT course since 7 … His lap record of 123.61mph, recorded on a Yamaha on the final lap of his Senior TT battle with Steve Hislop in 1992, stood for seven years. TT 2007 was also a great year with McGuinness taking wins in the Superbike TT and the Senior TT with lap and race records in both, the Senior lap record of 17:21.99 averaging 130.354 mph not only the outright lap record but the first to break the 130 mph barrier.. 2008. The 2010 Isle of Man TT Races included the one-lap TT Zero for racing motorcycles "to be powered without the use of carbon based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions." Petrol bikes took from 1950 to 1992, or 42 years to go from 155km machines to 196kmh machines. TT Zero: Michael Rutter: Team Mugen: 2018: 18:34.956: 121.824mph / 196.056km/h: Superstock TT: ... Isle of Man TT Records. Michael Rutter was in record breaking form in today’s SES TT Zero race for electric bikes at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy. Is a 3-phase electric vehicle charger at home really necessary. Each year the electric bikes inch closer to the premium superbike class lap record speed, but alas 2019 will not be the year to beat the penultimate lap speed. The 2013 Isle of Man TT Races were held between the Saturday 25 May and Friday 7 June 2013 on the 37.73-mile Isle of Man TT Mountain Course in the Isle of Man.The event celebrated the 90th anniversary of the first Sidecar TT with a special parade lap for racing sidecar outfits. For the first several years of the competition, MotoCzysz dominated the … 1. Seasoned TT competitor Michael Rutter rode the Shinden Nana at a record-breaking pace, attracting attention to the TT Zero despite dwindling competition. Peter Hickman is the current lap record holder for the Isle of Man TT course with a speed of 135.452mph, set in his 2018 Senior TT victory following an epic battle with rival Dean Harrison. Michael Rutter smashed the lap record in Thursday's SES TT Zero race, as he clinched his seventh TT race win. To be competitive, e-bike riders need to hit top speeds of more than 280kmh and be at full throttle for a lot of the time on the track. ultimate test of man and machine. Retrieved 3 June 2018. The TT Zero event as an officially sanctioned Isle of Man TT race is for racing motorcycleswhere "The technical concept is for motorcycles (two wheeled) to be powered without the use of carbon based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions." Nobody needs to sell me on the idea of watching John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey lay waste to the lap record at the Isle of Man TT’s Zero TT … A new lap record of 121.91mph was set by Michael Rutter as he rode to victory in the one-lap SES TT Zero race. Typical of the pressures of racing, it was a simple water pump running the cooling system which failed, and not any of the core electric drive components. Toyota plans revolutionary solid state battery for 2021, Why Tesla is shutting down Model S and Model X production lines, Mazda confirms all-electric MX-30 will arrive in mid-2021, “Battery dead:” Australia sees 26% EV sales by 2030, but cross-bench urges more. Paton now produce a road replica of their TT winning lap record holder, the S1-R, for an eye-watering £42,000. the Isle of Man Government Department of Enterprise, Check it out: John McGuinness's 2020 Kawasaki Superbike, Manx bluesman Davy Knowles to headline Classic TT, Michael Dunlop on TT 2020: "Still looking", Isle of Man Government announce cancellation of 2020 TT Races, ITV reveal 2020 TT races programme schedule, Isle of Wight Diamond Races: the IOMTT view, Paul Phillips talks about the future of the Isle of Man TT, IOM Government statement: TT 2021 cancellation, Top riders confirm their seats for TT 2019, Michael Dunlop confirms TT return with Tyco BMW, Dutch road racer Nadieh Schoots targets TT 2020 debut, Isle of Man TT wows the car crowd at Autosport International, Isle of Man TT 2019 launch event announced, Evolution Camping: Statement from Isle of Man Constabulary, Lee Johnston announces new team for TT 2019, Manxman Michael Evans backed by Barrow team, Motorcycle ferry 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road race rankings, Organisers propose new schedule for TT 2020, Lee Johnston adds his name to the Gold Cup, Jamie Coward joins Team Penz13 BMW Motorrad Motorsport for 2018 campaign, Gulf BMW Road Racing Team sign David Johnson for TT 2018, Limited availability on Isle of Man TT 2018 tickets, Blackstock and Rosney with Silicone Engineering for TT 2018, Michael Jackson to make Isle of Man TT Races debut in 2018, Dan Kneen to ride Jackson Racing 600 at TT 2018, TR3OC to celebrate 50th anniversary of triple Classic TT, McLean joins McAdoo Racing for 2018 Isle of Man TT Races, John McGuinness to ride for Norton at TT 2018, Josh Brookes signs for Norton for TT 2018, Official Isle of Man TT 2018 launch event date confirmed, William Dunlop to ride Temple Golf Club Yamahas TT 2018, Fans' help sought in quest to name greatest ever TT rider, Jodie Kidd and Matt Roberts to lead 2018 TT races TV presentation team, Michael Dunlop's MD Racing sign John McGuinness, Gary Johnson joins RAF Regular and Reserve Kawasaki Team, McGuinness and Hickman lead KMR/IEG Kawasaki Team, Ian Lougher confirms Team Mirai ride in SES TT Zero, Rhys Hardisty at The Peoples Bike for TT 2018, Suter returns to Isle of Man TT with Ian Lougher, Lee Johnston positive after debut test with Honda Racing, Jamie Coward confirmed with 'PreZ Racing for Monster Energy Supersport and Bennetts Lightweight TT-Races, Carl Cox ‘Goes back to the Island’ as Tim Reeves looks to add to his TT tally, 2018 Classic TT race and parade entries now open, Birchalls eye new TT outright record as 2018 season begins, Paton ride confirmed for Michael Dunlop in Bennetts Lightweight TT Race, Hickman tops Superbike session with PB lap, Thursday's qualifying session underway in ideal conditions, Statement issued on behalf of ACU Events Ltd, Dean Harrison smashes 17 minute barrier in qualifying, Dean Harrison tops second qualifying session of TT 2018, John McGuinness to make guest appearance at Thursday Preview Night, Dunlop leads 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and Carl Cox Motorsport, Hutchinson digs deep in Isle of Man TT return, Davey Todd awarded RST 'Star of Tomorrow', Ryan Kneen awarded the PokerStars "Spirit of the TT" for 2018, New lap and race records for victorious Hickman in PokerStars Senior TT, Birchalls smash own record with epic sub-nineteen minute lap, Hickman rockets to 135mph in PokerStars Senior TT, Birchalls break nineteen minute barrier in thrilling sidecar race, Delight for McGee in superb Bennetts Lightweight TT Race, Dunlop claims fifth successive TT Zero victory at Isle of Man TT, Michael Dunlop goes third on all-time TT winners list, Dunlop proves a heavy hitter in thrilling Bennetts Lightweight TT Race, Michael Rutter wins record breaking SES TT Zero Race, Harrison sets new race record in Supersport Race 2, Record breaking TT 2018 rewrites the history books, Hickman destroys the records in RL360º Superstock TT, Hickman rewrites record books in rl360 Superstock TT, Michael Dunlop wins record breaking Monster Energy 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Race, Dom Herbertson takes maiden TT course win in Junior Classic, Local man Dudgeon tops Superbike Classic TT qualifying, Lee Johnston storms to Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT Race victory, McGuinness makes winning return to Isle of Man TT Course, Sunshine greets crowds for packed Saturday race day, Statement issued on behalf of the Manx Motor Cycle Club, Riders take full advantage of uninterrupted qualifying session, Revised Saturday qualifying and race schedule, A tailored schedule for the Paddock Carnival as Classic TT qualifying ramps up, McGuinness continues Mountain Course comeback, Thursday afternoon qualifying session cancelled, Revised schedule issued for Thursday and Friday qualifying, Costello gunning for success at Classic TT 2018, Tuesday's qualifying session falls victim to weather, Olympic Gold Medallist Amy Williams MBE joins Steve Parrish and Steve Plater for ITV4’s Classic TT Races Coverage, Monday qualifying session cancelled due to weather, Decision expected at 3.00pm on Monday qualifying, Harrison on the pace at the Classic TT while McGuinness returns to the Mountain Course, Racers on the grid for opening Classic TT Races qualifying session, James Hillier and Dan Cooper return to Classic TT Races with CSC Racing, The Bootleg Beatles set to headline Classic TT Party, Team Obsolete create Renzo Pasolini trophy for highest placing original Italian Motorcycle, TT hero Dean Harrison favourite for RST Superbike Classic TT Race, Crowe and Webb make formidable duo for Team Classic Suzuki, Powerful two man team for Padgetts at Classic TT, Strongest ever line up for Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT race, Carl Cox Motorsport heads to Classic TT with Kiwi Jay Lawrence, MV Agustas for Lougher and Johnson in John Chapman Racing Classic TT campaign, Harrison to make two-stroke debut with LayLaw Racing, Paddock Carnival set to open Classic TT weekend in style, Hillier and Thompson land Oxford Products Ducati rides, Incredible line up of special guests confirmed for RST Classic TT Heroes Dinner, Classic TT fans - flights to the races now on sale, Bushy's TT Village promises to be even better in 2019, Derek McGee takes 2018 Duke Road Race Rankings. The 99th anniversary Isle of Man TT Festival ran between Saturday 27 May and Friday 9 June on the 37.73-mile Mountain Course.The first week (between 27 May and 2 June) is known as the practice week, before the real action commenced on 3 June. Duke Marketing Limited. TT legend John McGuinness won his 21st TT race on Wednesday morning when he took the SES TT Zero race in record-breaking style. Regardez Bruce Anstey 2014 Record Lap - Isle of Man TT - 132.298mph - Onboard - isfr sur Dailymotion MotoCzysz set an unofficial lap record today at the TT Zero, the Isle of Man’s electric class for the Isle of Man TT. This year there was a mere 0.1% gain, compared to last year’s lap speed in the electric class (196.2kmh v 196.05kmh). There were 6 races in TT week. Michael Rutter broke John McGuinness‘ TT Zero lap record by more than 20 seconds and became the first rider to lap the Isle of Man TT‘s Mountain Course on an electric motorcycle with an average speed of more than 120 mph.. The race bike, ready to go out of the box, will set you back €43,000 plus VAT. This year’s race marks the tenth running of the TT Zero; over that span, the lap record average speed has increased by 25 mph from the original record of 96.82 set by Mark Miller. is an independent website and is not affiliated with the Isle of Man TT Races ®. TT Zero – an electric motorsport event new for the 2010 Isle of Man TT races – replaced the TTXGP race as a 1-lap (37.733 miles) circuit of the Snaefell Mountain Course. Respect. Since the race’s inception in 1907, 258 souls have lost their lives at the Isle of Mann. John McGuinness moves to within three of Joey Dunlop's record of 26 Isle of Man TT wins by taking a seventh Senior victory.

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