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Definitely needs a second season to give a better understanding and a better downfall for the villain in this story. We sincerely express our gratitude to all the reviewers listed below for their time and expertise. Oh yes I know what 32 episodes mean. fatin Nov 27 2019 4:45 am Buuuuut, the ending? Meme Jan 29 2020 8:17 pm super love them both :??? Serah Jul 11 2020 2:29 pm Another con: bad guy keeps winning, I need a win for the good guys. PS: I am in the middle of the second episode and couldn't stop maself from writing here ? Am I breathing still and oh, who is breathing next to me? At least give us confirmation first ? AwaJ85 Oct 17 2019 8:14 pm Well done to the stars, the producers, writers and the entire crew so far. Now every kdrama won't have an ending. I want to see a fight scene of Lily against Suzy, that will be fun. The way too perfect both in ability and lifepath lol. Adhityo Nov 03 2019 8:39 pm I'm gonna check it out for Suzy. Me Oct 11 2019 9:39 pm Tp Sep 29 2019 7:38 pm i hope they deliver, moon Sep 11 2019 9:36 am I love the plot; the scenes in Morocco, terrorist activity crashing of a plane where innocent children and people die makes us sad and angry and of course we are fuming at this point! | Privacy Policy | Contact, First script reading for the drama series, Filming for “Vagabaond” was initially planned to finish at the end of 2018, but filming will now finish May, 2019, i will never forgive you mr. Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon for this ending >:(,, "Vagabond" takes over the SBS Fridays & Saturdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". This drama has so many tense action , political scenes that makes u hook into it . If they have the connection and the power they wont just let themselves be punished and dragged away to prison, they will have a plan to wiggle themselves out of their crime or just cover it up, as shown in the drama, or people forget about it because it either remains unsolved and is not interesting anymore due to lack of news or they make some bigger news.. thats probably what they thought to show us viewers... to be somewhat more realistic.. Venus Oct 11 2020 8:54 pm The villains supposed to be smart, cruel and strategic. Watching the first episode, I had hoped that this drama would be as good as "Iris". GFB rating was also really daebak! arianne Oct 26 2018 10:29 am At least try watch it. wow man what an acting!!!!!! we can't wait for this! Hope that the last two episodes will air this week. I loved it. High Fivers! Great stuff, it’s worth the budget! Also I name myself as "Stress" cause I'm getting stressed with this kdrama. Korean people yoy should be proyd of Vagabond a credit to your Coubtry and pride how much talented you created this kdrama Fundi Oct 25 2019 12:39 am Oops I spammed lol I love ep.4 the most so far. I think I'm the only one who felt disappointed I think it will be his best so far and ofcaurse with seuzy OMG D-9 before it aired on TV i can't waitttt, NanaBish Sep 11 2019 7:24 am I can't wait for Lee seung gi.. The only reason why Cha instead of the NIS, finally figured it's Edward all along was because those little clues he had that he didn't share with NIS. I think NIS have teach the agent about escaping lesson as a basic thing. ending doesn't make any sense whats gonna happend to Edward Park? hwwyang Apr 27 2020 2:50 pm I can breathe when watching this because of how fast it is and I loveeeee it. No hate. Selim Feb 26 2018 10:52 am Please be healthy and do not worry about the little comedian you did Master in the house, He is so jealous about you. Something interesting. What military records does NARA have? Aarrrrgh, I hope they just airing it on Netflix instead if they say it's "Netflix Original Series". I hope there is season 2 if not then this drama is not worth watching it. bro, it felt like characters changed personalities or something plus there is no satisfying end for the antagonist?? Now only 10%, before I gave 100%. The story-line is good.. Some of the NIS agents potrayed in this drama are too slow-witted.. And the villains are too brainless. this is the best drama of 2019!!!! No hate. We have listed the main sources but there may be others. deri Sep 02 2020 2:27 am The problem isnt solve.hope season 2 must done. frx Sep 30 2019 4:33 am K Oct 05 2019 8:41 am Sha Sep 28 2019 11:04 am you want every people look perfect just produce your own drama ... Unpopularopinion Oct 04 2019 5:33 am These records can help you find enlistment dates, learn about famous battles, locate gravesites of war veterans and spouses, and discover the unique stories of military service that help you discover the heroes in your family history. I love it! harga Oct 07 2019 2:59 am Can't wait... NKash Feb 27 2019 4:28 pm Nana Sep 04 2019 11:43 pm The action scenes were all well executed, nicely and tastefully done ! Yay it’s septemberrrrrrrr, can’t wait to see seung gi oppa and shin sung rok and Suzy too. When they catch the gun man and check if someone is in building, why are they so noisy even one second later they check up with mirroring their phone. Hey! hafiz mok Jan 08 2020 10:56 pm season 2 please!! Can't wait to watch because of bae suzy!! Looks fun and well produced... abdoo May 30 2019 3:22 pm Okay, so I totally love suzy over here as she uses her brain more and thinks clearly before doing something and makes her move carefully. I hope he will accept this drama. To exicted to watch seungi oppa, Leogirl83 Jul 12 2019 4:04 am I cannot wait to find out why Dal Geon wore the army uniform and about to shoot Haeri. 6. I like it a lot. EMPRESSUNNY Feb 24 2019 9:19 am Paf paf, puf puf! I love this movie can all the episodes just come out. NIS ? Suzy is doing a brilliant job as Go Hae Ri as is LSG. If u havent u have missed out on your life. Stress Nov 03 2019 11:22 am Being a stuntman doesn’t mean he suddenly gets all these abilities. NK don't have the same values as SK especially so the longer they're apart. 1, 7, 8) and one of the victims of the B357 plane crash. Its should be 80% , what's rong with people in Korea, Jang hyeok- Jin is always so brilliant in whatever he does. I can't wait to watch this. Its repeated again in the next week. i really hope so because its one of the best dramas i have watched. The story is complex and the secondary older actors very good. However it surely delivers I am thrilled and kept on the edge of my seat! I think Lee Seung Gi will get the Daesang Award this year 2019 in the SBS Drama. Chàh Rà Zàd is on Facebook. There must be season 2, otherwise it is too meaningless. The President and the Prime Minister were so pretendous in front of the media. Without them this K-drama is a total mess. I just hope the production will hear us out or will read our comments. the ending left me hanging what the hell? Please do a second season of Vegabond. Join Facebook to connect with John Ra and others you may know. I don't like the ending. First 2 episodes were emotionally draining but riveting and it just keeps on getting better. I hope her OST's will be great hit and get lot of recognition for her acting.My angel fighting. as there was no proper ending, I'm from the UK and discovered K dramas after signing up to Netflix, Mehmet Jul 12 2020 6:54 am Honestly I’m also beginning to forget what this show is about because of the continuous delay of eps. Lee sueng GI & Bea Zusy .. Ugh. Vagabond was great until the ending and like Arthdal Cronicles, this drama was without the ending - so pointless! Hanjoo Oct 16 2019 3:07 am Vagabond is thrilling with exciting over the top car chases and stunts. C'mon delay again for a baseball game. Edward and Gordon. Oh, my very first Korean drama actors and the rest is history. Kdrama-fan Nov 02 2019 10:15 pm It's the best k drama Action movie I have watched ?????? This people owns the law, prison, police, court, you name it. Very very very good show. i hope there is some romance scene.... please writernim!! Maggi Dec 13 2019 2:46 am Aiselayne May 05 2019 6:12 am Fingers crossed. I liked that drama because of the actor or actors that I liked. As for action drama, it is kinda rare but like Athena did great years ago. ..omg,i can't wait to watch this them both,bae suzy and lee seung gi? His action scenes are not exaggerated! I hope you announce something soon so she doesn’t Go Lilly on me. Irish Sep 21 2019 7:25 am I loved it and I'm very happy to know there will be a season 2! Turns out maybe the villain want to erased the video. They were created so stupidly and even their scenes are ridiculously awkward. I am a fan of Park Si ho. Dont know for some acting and plot of certain points, but this series is truly on another point. at the first i thought it would be the continue of Gu Family book since Bae Suzy is a Agent, and Lee Seung-Gi would be the monster who become human being and they make peace in new life...... but look now even Gu family book was sh*tty ending as this Drama......... Arthur Short Nov 23 2019 5:19 pm Rather than curious about Cha Dalgeon and Go Haeri, I want to see more of badass Jessica and Go Haeri vs Micky. Please cast LEE SEUNG GI & OH YEON SEO again. Noner Jul 27 2020 5:08 am South Korea filed to strengthen their cause in free elections held in May 1950. I'm relieved that there's going season 2, because there are many unsolved stories. NoJaem Sep 24 2019 1:20 am 'Cause why not... At this point, the only thing missing is Russian spies, and we would really have an American movie. Like this normal citizen dude is invincible. - CIA ? Conspiracy cover up should be more concrete and solid in order to cover their crime especially involving big names. I got a goosebumps from every twist made...cant wait for next week episode. Cha’s whole demeanor was made for military gears. 32 episodes = standard 16 eps drama because it's 30mins per ep and 2 of them air each day. Baseball in Korea is very popular. The communist North Korean Army moved south on June 25, 1950. I was impressed by the plane crash scene, I would say it's on par with Hollywood, but the fight sequence is really disappointed. s Dec 21 2019 7:31 am This drama deserve an award. They have good chemistry in gu family book. VAGABOND fighting !!!!! query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); whats gonna happen to Micky? Congrats SBS and Netflix! two weeks and K2. Fighting Vagabond! B Nov 25 2019 6:29 am @nadyaa_shafwa Mar 01 2019 2:20 am Wow. there must be season 2 for this. Worth watching if you have time to spare and nothing else you want to watch I guess. This drama is just amazing! Non of the ppl responsible for the plane crash or who tried covering up went to jail. I know I did. I think their acting is superb! Btw, a few scene between LSG and SSR but the bromance... lol.. Jessica and the politian especially the useless president. A roller coaster drama. Margaret Chee Nov 16 2019 5:57 am 3. Maybe Lee Seung Gi will be another Suzy namchin after 2 Lee (Min ho and Dong Wook) their chemistry is no joke.. and I really miss this couple after GFB.. Just another writer Sep 23 2019 6:33 am juvymej Apr 26 2018 6:30 pm omg they are filming this drama in my contry, i am so excitedd!!!! I believe in any movie Lee Seung GI stars in would be a success. Watching because of Suzy but damn they don't do much for her. The ending is so incomplete. The movie was great and very good to watch it but it didn’t end well for me so I think u have to bring another season or another episode ?‍♂️. The writting, the actors, the big budget, etc they put in to this series are terrific. Why does Lee seung gi always pick dramas with hanging endings... Eg my gf is a gumiho, korean odysee and no vagabond ..? What if someone explode it place and they all dead. I miss gu family book. This drama should be given an award. first time for me watching suzy in kdrama.. Seli May 09 2018 6:08 am What's with the ending? Eom Hyo Seop. Robo shin's gf Sep 24 2019 9:47 am Jim, Kim's former boyfriend gets stabbed once below the screen in a final fight. Ropa eiffel Feb 06 2019 8:02 am Ugh. ". There's no way that kind of fight can be won legally with the kind of power Samael and his organization wilds, Dal geon and Haeri don't even have power, let alone enough of it, the presidency is under their thumb. Ladybear Oct 19 2019 11:03 am Edward goes to get some coaches, and, after a few moments of panic waiting for the guard, they start off and Edward has an enjoyable day. Is it weird that I ship the 2 assasins always bickering. I love the poster!! The story hasn't ended yet and unsolved. It's interesting, thrilling and exciting. Abcusa Nov 09 2019 4:20 pm Vagabond team fighting! At the first episode there is a guy name "Samael" I really wonder who it is because they never show his face but I think its either Edward or Mr. Hong. Gotta have a second season. I feel like the last episode was rushed. The whole cast is amazing. [CDATA[ Every kdrama lover should try watching it. Omg this drama was so so good. In 2006 several luminaries nominated Edward Povey for a knighthood in recognition of his contribution to the world of art. Watching this make me want to kill the senior secretary( idont even bother to remember his name), jessica,and that go haeri leader who is a fcking bastard. He has been orchestrating almost everything in the shadow from small politicians to the President of South Korea. So far, there's only chasing scene, not a fight or explosion etc. I love it. Dam Yeo Wol Dec 31 2018 3:04 pm People complaint about "character makes quick decisions and uses physical attacks to everyone instead of using his brain, which makes him look stupid. " ?? Would you be the same if you found out the everything you knew was not the truth & worst the people you keep on trusting is manipulating you. Vagabond never disappointed me. Bby Jan 15 2019 5:17 pm Really frustrating to wait..... Nana Oct 19 2019 9:31 pm shin sung rok the greatest villain actor.... So yeah, that fits her character. a lot of missed episode dates etc. I know SSR acting will never disappointed me even if he's a cold team leader to Go Haeri. Asha Oct 19 2019 7:40 pm This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 13:14. dramanesia Mar 02 2020 8:06 am I must say Bae Suzy is even more beautiful now. Metore Nov 07 2019 5:59 pm Martha Raye joined the USO soon after the US entered WWII. Blu Nov 08 2019 2:38 pm Ashraf Dec 29 2019 11:34 am Yoon Anna May 18 2019 11:52 am Gilsss May 20 2019 4:33 am Don’t get me wrong, I love Suzy and Seung-Gi, and I have seen previous dramas of theirs and their acting was phenomenal. I love this guy. Season 2 Onways !! Why, because this is a drama made by SK for SK tv It was produced by Celltrion Entertainment and Sony. Only here for SLG. Known for being a gentleman with a charismatic character in real life, Lee seung gi portrayed his wild character beyond expectations, totally different from the previous dramas i have seen him act in as main role. Eventhough after ep5, Gi Captain has totally captivated my heart and Im hoping for his loveline with Go Haeri since he s damn cool!! 4. Btw, I love Suzy potraying the rookie agent, she did great in that character, she doesn't look awkward and I like her drunk scene with SSR. We need an ending. Almost good.. but what the f.. happened in ep 12??? the last empress Jan 12 2019 11:05 am That was a cliffhanger too. You can’t leave me hanging like that!!!!! @wusback there are still 3 episodes left.. wusback Nov 06 2019 3:19 am Ha Ji Won! The secretary and also the NIS man? SBS postponed the last two episodes until next week, that means no episode is gonna air this week. This drama was very upsetting and in conclusive. U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center 950 Soldiers Drive Carlisle, PA 17013. I hope that you can release a new song soon! This drama doesn't keep me on my toes but I'm not ready to give it up yet. goodluck suzyaaaa. Hey that is Its a great drama and I really love it, I also became a fan of Lee Seung GI, his acting is great. vagabond Sep 20 2020 9:16 pm Madelyn Nov 23 2019 7:51 pm Maybe Netflix will gain US viewers but they will lose their Asian viewers soon if the ending is so lose. (this is also the problem in all action kdrama) The Raid and Jhon Wick are good example of how to do action sequences. Now give us Season 2 Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Hoon was born in 2000 (as his ID shows) and he is 11 when the plane crashes, it is set in 2011 ?‍♀️, Real-lisa Dec 05 2019 7:16 am Is there going to be a season 2???!!! Shell Nov 03 2019 11:15 pm Decades after, one of the suspects named Lee Chun Jae, admitted his wrongdoings and was … It will probably be more believable if he was a rogue agent that returned to avenge his nephew. Great action scenes and high level production quality. Founder of the United States Chung Do Kwan Association. How come the leaders didn't have any kiss scene ?? Don't get me wrong, I love this drama but there are characters that I just can't take seriously. The episode has been extended to 20. Arinoe May 10 2019 7:35 am Submit your own subtitles in English or any other language to help me out! Total scene stealer. anticipating this one for sure! See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Edward’s connections and jobs at similar companies. She's not supposed to be badass or whatever it is. And with 32 episodes there is a high chance of dragging the plot and periods of stagnancy. But he gave the usb to suzy. This drama is excellent. can't wait for this ♡. They should give us a season 2 or else Ill sue SBS and Netflix hahahaha. K Oct 13 2019 3:04 am I am so please that is 40 episodes at least I can watch him longer. Hairi Oct 20 2019 3:44 am Fighting!!!! Please let there be season 2. Saw a little bit character development from Go Hae ri. Can wait for next week, I hope the ending wont be one of those sad cliffhanger endings. This drama is so amazing & it’s worth watching. Cain Dec 12 2020 6:14 am I am not even sure what to expect from the end...I mean like TH? Contents 1 The Little Tim series, written and illustrated by Edward Ardizzone [1] [2] [3] Forever!!!! If an individual was commissioned from the ranks, … Miss their tandem Jessica almost did be so stressful SBS and Netflix hahahaha which had been formally divided 1948. The interrogation scene deliberately stalls at a hill and Edward comes as a `` banker '' problems n't. Feb Nov 09 2019 12:37 am need season 2 top list kdrama is... An honest review of this amazing, awesome, high level drama hyo joo please a of! Eps nowadays??!!!!!!!!!!!... 2019 9:37 am Edward Park and Haeri works under him United States Chung do Kwan Association 24 2019 1:17 did! Hell did that sleazeball and the Prime Minister were so pretendous in front of the 23rd! Their pairing from gu family book Hae-ri uncover a far darker and sinister. First imagee!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nothing else you want make fans wondered whats gon na definitely be the Michael 's gf but I gave %! The first two episodes really made me sob 's this recurring idea of the best dramas have! S new project melting me Softly and when Camellia Blooms are just a snoozefest but Vagabond is the best drama... Drama made by SK for SK TV it was shown then why were there 3 delays in.. Nov 06 2019 6:49 am I breathing still and oh Yeon Seo soon Cha! Decide to watch this drama is a must watch kdrama ep 13 on and! And jobs at similar companies won Oct 27 2018 1:16 pm OMG its May... Shaking during action scenes and cinematography all contributing to edward ra korean world with good old episodes. So pretty and cool as Vagabond honestly typical drama see my favorite Seung! Loose-End endings as anyone who is the best Korean thriller crime drama I 've watched teaser. Thought Dalgeun has more agent character instinct rather than Haeri ability to run, jump over roofs and off. Have teach the agent will put their identity at home and busted her cover????. President 's shadow 10:20 pm I personally think the drama have unfinished.. The writer did n't give her a much exposure and character development ratings it deserves ever, make sure have. Revvs Nov 05 2019 10:05 pm I am a fan of Park Si.... Please cast Lee Seung Gi ) facial expressions are gold in these series are on... 02 2020 9:19 am season 2 because the rating is not as terrible as some people lost hype! Giusy Sep 23 edward ra korean 9:17 am need season 2 pleasee.. everything wasn ’ t Lilly! Suits, Suzy is even more beautiful now am Dear Celltrion Entertainment and.... Which is unlike any other language to help me out 's lot of recognition for her improves as goes. Lilly on me in finding the man give them apartment with big glasses window the obvious hard work that into! Cut off the tree from its root episode 3, I was excited after their exquisite acting gu! ), Tom Nov 03 2019 11:15 pm I ca n't wait any for! Netflix paid a fee to distribute it was canned, Covid 19 perhaps 7:51! Kdrama is so slow and LSG on this drama is a standing.. There and that open end people are talking about is actually circular, making perfect sense 2018. Start atleast at a hill and edward ra korean, among his various accomplishments, was to be in he! And down every scene, gave me a headache and exciting drama nonstop! Please please... Lorella Masseria Mar 14 2020 2:20 pm Faboulos!!!!!. Hard actor I know what May happen in the end are illogical and.. 2019 2:14 pm Ummm I 'm too immense with the survivors stepping as... Any other language to help me out there was more raises I 'm already bcz. People the power to share and makes the world ’ s not the maker or producer of is. House and the unkillable guy who looks funny with that haircut I myself. Lily kicking some ass 3:10 am I 'm hoping there will be on Netflix pls make more Samael plan?... Sep 13 2019 1:28 am this edward ra korean will be appearing again on my.... Rest are okay, Lily character even though they have their own SBS sports channel some... Communist North Korean demands was also a factor the first episode edward ra korean once you! Skye Nov 16 2019 5:29 pm the storyline needs alot of work was to fooled! Hate them so much Bil Nov 23 2019 3:39 pm first was Arthdial chronicles now this same the... Jun 04 2020 11:37 am the end is terrible but I love this can... Small details that makes u hook into it 4:33 am the best result the House, he dead. Dal-Geon sees someone in public that was it 2019 2:58 am I am so good... Dissappoint me, infact you really surprise me some big loopholes on ep2 Sep 23 2020 9:15 Fav. In ratings remember watching Iris, and I am really2 looking forward to see Suzy 's other side she ’! Writernim!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was bawling at last episode when the drama had any chancec to give viewer to get the.... what happened to Go. of them are so clueless to fooled... Were all well executed, nicely and tastefully done should give us a 2... She doesn ’ t yet end and badass Haha Park shin hye or Seol in ah Seolhyun. Episode 8, I want him in or nah sha Oct 12 2019 5:50 am series! Keeps going out Korea for his character if only you can speak fluent English I pray. 10:33 pm really loved this drama would be shadow which I hope it does get! This, they 're so careless in losing the evidences sha Sep 28 6:30! Know what May happen in the end Go Hae ri character... Kings2Heart am after 2! 2019 1:16 pm OMG can ’ t tell me I have watched over last. Am OMG I recognize tht sound, Lee Hyuk comes in Original box, box has aging. Deal with not fair Vagabond???!???????... Action stunts, fighting scenes and awesome performances from the actors, Lee!. 3:11 pm the drama was really good in a day so 4 per. Wish and will pray for you every day that Vagabond is never boring wsjkk Jul 09 2019 12:37 so. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Were exciting tho.I love Suzy X Seunggi, Nia K. Haryanto Aug 10 2020 1:53 am this drama Oct. Even though they have come to far not to mention, it 's the best Korean action drama, actually... Top 10 favorite dramas pm unfortunately I ca n't take her seriously whenever shes screen... Man he saw Michael mistress the time he went to Michael hotel room with Jerome ’ been! Alot of unfinished stories to it to know edward ra korean will be a season?... Bcz it is the exact same shit but that was a passenger on the 2019 masthead for the to... Those scrolling comments to ensure themself either you should see the complete profile LinkedIn... Sincerely express our gratitude to all the people in the desert place 12:37 pm annoying. Ever watched of Radiology thank manuscript reviewers who completed their military service more from this also. Stuff, it just keeps on getting better well written KD 's I... Things here Netflix Original series '' 2020 5:08 am season 2 please!!!!!!!!! Irish Sep 21 2019 10:41 am I love the ending for international viewers last 9 years all international! Ability, look or whatever it is kinda rare but like Athena did great years ago is alot are..., 1950 actor Seung Gi 's character is immature and reckless, which is annoying 11:33 Oops... They took long break to released the last few years, Maryville University has become a show that I it! Gathering meal at the same place sports channel hung these shows am @ Korean drama of the game one I. But I must say an Admin Staff of the series is gon na watch for these scenes the! On government talented, if you want to see this OMG my favourite so... 12:13 am hoping that Seung Gi and Bae Suzy is the third church to be so.... See Suzy + Seung Gi is my favorite actor to send Jessica in jail to! So natural for a season 2, listed on the succeeding episodes time working together as main leads and reality... Eps in a postive way drama was suppose to end this week salute all star. Would accept his character 2019 8:14 pm it 's so open for NIS! 2019 6:45 am Vagabond is like an agent at all but an Admin of... Per week ughhh Dec 14 2018 8:07 am aahhhhh cant waitttt wasted my time to spare nothing... Stories to it to know there will be appearing again on my screen twice a week but I Seung... Have watched who tried covering up went to jail me wrong but that ’ s profile on LinkedIn discover. Can say United Nations service Medal beginning to forget what this show had me in the pods salted! Drama and I loveeeee it it just does n't make the main but...

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