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They live in fields of heather or on the moors of the Scottish Lowlands. (Magic/Infernal). Or maybe you just like the sound of Scottish names, which are undeniably cool. 84. Though she was seen as an evil portent in the Scottish tradition, she was not always a portent of one’s own death as in the Irish version. The name means the Host, which is a euphemism to avoid invoking them with the mention of their name and deter them from inflicting harm. Trouble is I haven't come up with a suitable name. All one had to do was get between her and the water. The Pechs were considered tremendous castle builders and were credited with the construction of … GHILLIE DHU (GILLE DUBH): Solitary faeries with black hair who live in trees and wear clothing made of leaves and moss. WILL O’THE WISP: Malevolent spirits either of the dead or non human intelligence. (Hebrides), Fairy Spinning and Dirty Water (Hebrides), The Bannock and the Changeling (Hebrides), The Piper Taught By the Fairies (Hebrides), Evans-Wentz, W.Y. Find more words! A glaistig frequents lonely lochs and rivers in the highlands of Scotland. BEAN NIGHE: The bean nighe (pronounced “ben-neeyah”), can be seen at the side of desolate streams and pools washing the blood stained clothing of those who are about to meet their maker. It is an apt mermaid name as it means ‘arm of the sea’. From many an airy realm. He can be found on lonely roadsides near water. You are in the Fairy FAQ's category - Fairy Names and Meanings: Fairy Names: Spelling and … Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Ghillie Dhu, Kelpies, Nucklelavees or Fachans. These creatures are both male and female. They would appear as seahorses and entice humans to ride them so that they could drown them. Male | Pronounced OOSH-jun, this Scottish Gaelic name is rooted in the Old Norse name Eysteinn, which roughly translates to eternal island stone. Its’ howls could be heard in throughout the night. It had webbed feet and fed on cattle. SHELLYCOAT: A male water spirit from the border region. UNSEELIE COURT: These Faeries are never favorable to humans and are either solitary evil faeries or are one of a band of faeries called the slaugh. There are animal tales, stories of the fairies of Scotland including Brownies, Bogles, Kelpies, Mermaids and others, and tales of Witches and of Giants. Unsplash / Boris Krizmanic. POWRIES: Indistinguishable from the red caps. Scottish Gaelic is written with 18 letters of the Latin alphabet. Fairy List Encyclopedia A List of fairies and creatures of the fairy tiype for writers, artists and those intersted in folk religions. 22. She is sometimes described as having a single nostril, one large buck tooth, and extremely long breasts, which she must throw over her shoulders to prevent them getting in the way of her washing. The name of a brownie in Shetland and Orkney. CAOINTEACH: The Argyll version of the washer woman at the ford, a banshee who foretells death in a clan. CUACHAG: A dangerous river sprite who haunts Glen Cuaich in Invernesshire. Fairy Names. They inhabit lochs and seas and eat their victims after tearing them into pieces. The nuckelavee had an aversion to fresh water. ROANE: Roanes are water Elementals or mermen who take the form of seals. He wore brown clothes and had a shock of frizzy red hair and wild looking eyes. They can be found underwater. We usually make a big thing about gifts in the festive season and make a special effort. It is an old English word which means ‘fairy’. He has not been seen in years. It cannot be stunned, knocked unconscious or, poisoned. Image: Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland. Isla. After all, the country is very rich in terms of the culture and history. The clothing she washes takes different forms depending upon the legend. FACHAN (PEG-LEG-JACK): A Highland spirit with one of everything (one eye, one leg, one arm, one hand, one tooth…). They are most active at night. This phenomenon is also known as Jack-o’-Lantern, the Hobby Lantern, or the Lantern Man. Flynn: Flynn is the male lead from the fairy tale remake Tangled. PEALLAIDH: A Perthshire water monster. We’ve compiled a list of over 100 Scottish Gaelic boys names to help you in your quest for the perfect baby name. SHONY: A sea spirit from the Isle of Lewis. RED CAP: One of the most dangerous supernatural creatures, they haunt the castles and watchtowers of the border regions. 17.The Fiddler and the Bogle of Bogandoran. Driven by greed, they have evolved into a race of thieves and bandits. The wight is known for its hunched stance and shifty eyes which can be seen darting from shadow to shadow. He had no skin and his muscle structure and veins could be clearly seen. 16.The Mermaid Wife. Their is only one of him and he can be easily distinguished since he dresses like a soldier. They were also the mysterious lights that were said to lead travelers from the well-trodden paths into dangerous and treacherous waters. URISK: The urisk is a Scottish solitary faery who haunts lonely pools. At times, the urisk will help farmers with their tasks. This name generator will generate 10 random names for fairies and other, similar fae creatures. 14.Jock and his Mother. The most formidable of the Highland faeries. He is a portent of death if you see him except with him you have a second chance. They fed on deer, other faeries and humans who ventured too close to their abodes. (Magic). Most other races shun them to the point of exile because of their devious nature and insatiable lust for wealth. LOIREAG: A water and spinning fairy from the Hebrides. BROWNIES: Small, shaggy, brown man who wears tattered clothes and works as a ‘house faerie’ or domestic servant. They dress in green and have withered faces. Fairy tales are stories that range from those originating in folklore to more modern stories defined as literary fairy tales. Every wight has the basic Undead powers. Ashrays: These faeries live in water. If you are Scottish but do not know the meaning of some last names or you are simply looking to learn more about the meanings of Some Scottish last names, we bring you 100 beautiful Scottish last names with their meanings to help you out. Browse full list of Scottish fairy tales. They move about by rolling on their bulbous forms or bouncing like rubber balls. Dressed in green, she was a small in stature and had webbed feet. BROWN MAN OF THE MUIRS: A supernatural guardian of the wild creatures from the border region of Scotland. Inscriptions in Ogham have been found in Scotland, however it is not certain what language they are in. He lives in the Scottish Highlands in waterfalls. His red hand is result of those who he has killed in combat. The urisk is part human and part goat. Don’t Leave Your Baby in the Field! They are not adverse to human contact but do not seek us out. They are the gentlest of all the fey folk. Fairies should not have average, dull names that you would hear in any school yard. DIREACH: A monster with one leg and one arm who haunts Glen Etive. article, fairies are a type of creature typically associated with European folklore (although tales of them are global). Top … Finn is the name of the central characters in The Snow Queen, folklore, which is the inspiration behind the movie Frozen. Travelers would often be found left mutilated by the creature. It is doubtful if they will ever aid humans in rituals. 18.Thomas the Rhymer. A hideous creature, part horse and part man, with long sinewy arms. Isla Female | Pronounced EYE-la, Isla comes from the Isle of Islay, an enchanting island that basks off Scotland’s west coast and the name of two Scottish rivers. HENKIES: One version of the Orkney and Shetland trow. They could appear in human as well as animal form. Fay. Pechs, or Pehts - The Scottish Lowland names for fairies and are confused in tradition with the Picts, the mysterious people of Scotland who built the Pictish brughs and possibly also the round stone towers. 83. The Highlands are unquestionably the wildest part of Britain and there are more cultural differences between Higland and Lowland Scotland than between Lowland Scotland and Northern England. They wore shells and could be dangerous. They are both male and female and have the appearance of a 20 year old human but they are very ancient. (Magic or Infernal). Scottish Highland Fairy Tales. It appears in a Latinized form Niniavus, which could be from the Welsh name NYNNIAW. DOONIE: A shape-shifting Scottish faery who could take the form of a pony or an old man or woman. Sluagh / slooa The most formidable of the Highland fairy people; The host of the Unforgiven Dead. 15.Saint Columba. The ghillie dhu were once very shy, docile creatures that lived alone in birch trees protecting the woods around them from destruction by man or nature. They appear as multiheaded sea monsters. (Magic). (Infernal?). JavaScript is currently disabled. Scottish names for faeries include the Still Folk, People of Peace, The Silent Moving Folk, Pixies, The Wee Folk, and Prowlies. 20.The Seal-Catcher's Adventure. This was the name of a 5th-century British saint who was apparently responsible for many miracles and cures. The creature was known to drag women and children under the water and devour them. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. They cannot live on land and are completely nocturnal. Often seen at night as a ghostly, flickering, light out over the marshlands, this could possibly be the result of spontaneous ignition of gases produced by dead plants. BAISD BHEULACH: A shapeshifting demon who haunted the Odail Pass on the Isle of Skye. Looking for Scottish Gaelic names for baby girls? Whether or not you believe in the existence of these fantastic beings, there is no doubt that it remains a significant part of our culture. They once heavily populated Scotland’s seas, however they have been seen infrequently in recent years. She carried a magical staff which froze the ground with every tap. This pale skinned race is rightly distrusted. The Fairy Faith in Fairy Countries (London: Colin Smythe 1978) [first published 1911], Henderson, Lizanne and Edward J. Cowan Scottish Fairy Belief (East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 2001), MacDougall, James Highland Fairy Legends (D.S.Brewer 1978), Walsh, Brian The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex (Xlibris 2002), Contact us at: fairyinvestigationsociety AT gmail DOT com, Victorian and Edwardian Bedfordshire Ghost Stories, The Wizards, Astrologers, Fairy Seers and Witches of Victorian Liverpool, Hurst, The Victorian Ghosts, Devils and Witches of Northern Bedfordshire. By: Steven Forsyth. GLASTIGS (WATER IMP): They had the upper half of a woman and the lower half of a goat. Here is a partial list of Scottish faeries: ASHRAYS: Sea ghosts are also known as Asrais or water lovers. 11.The Fisherman and the Merman. Many moms enjoy the Netflix show, Outlander, or the amazing series of books the show is based on. They are murderous and kill by rolling boulders or tearing at people with their sharp claws. Not evil enough for Hell nor pure enough for Heaven, these once human creatures have been banished to the loneliness of the sea. Scots Gaelic Translation. BOOMAN: The name of a brownie in Shetland and Orkney. The Scottish fairies who live in green knolls and in the mountain fastness of the Highlands. Fairies in Scotland are capable of appearing in practically any shape or size, but they are usually have quite small human shapes. The dog was green with long shaggy hair. Ainslie (AINS-lee) Named for the ancient Scottish family from Lanarkshire. But there was a catch, the three questions would have to be given truthfully in return in the form of traditional exchange between humans and supernatural creatures. He would prod, poke, pinch, pull and in general disturb the child until he had them reeling with nightmares. Finlay is an unusual Scottish name a your fair haired baby boy. They are believed to be the Fallen Angels that roam the midnight skies of the earth searching for lost souls. It was often associated with water mills. The Story of the White Pet; The Milk-White Doo; Marriage of Robin Redbreast and the Wren; Stories about the Fox; Stories of Giants and Monsters. Scottish house name? A particularly evil and dangerous female vampire from the highlands of Scotland who preyed on unwary travelers in the glens and mountains. CAOINEAG (THE WEEPER): A banshee-like spirit attached to the clans of the Highlands who could be heard wailing at the bottom of waterfalls before there is death or catastrophe within the clan. Simi liar to the Kelpie, but far more dangerous. It is said that they have no means of reproduction, so instead they enslave mortals that they think will never be missed and then carry them along to become a part of their band. (Magic). Current Popular Boy Names The current (2018) top Scottish baby names are Jack, James, Oliver, Logan and Lewis. This name means ‘son of the red-haired one’. KELPIE: A water faerie who likes to mount unsuspecting humans and dash them into the water. Find out its meaning and origin here. TANGIE: A shape shifting sea spirit from the Orkney and Shetland Isles. While many of the themes are similar to other European folk-tales, this collection emphasizes specifically Scottish aspects of the stories. BUACHAILLEEN: Small faeries that resemble tiny, young men. They have whitish, almost translucent skin. Sleigh Beggey / sleigh beargar The Little Folk. John Francis Campbell: Elisa The Girl of Fire and Thorns: The younger of two princesses. This was especially used in the Highlands. A creature of the night. Most of these names are derived from the Scottish Gaelic language, the indigenous language that was once spoken throughout much of Scotland. FUATH (FUATHAN): A generic term for Scottish water spirits who dwell in the sea, in rivers, and in fresh water and sea lochs. FIDEAL: A Highland water demon who inhabits Loch Na Fideil near Gairloch. The name has a captivating feel and was originated from Scotland. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. She is ill-tempered and dangerous and is seen with a crow on her left shoulder. Scottish Last Names. It would let out three barks which could be heard from miles around. Then one would be given the opportunity to ask three wishes and three questions. LUIDEAG: A dangerous water spirit who haunts the loch of the Black Trout on the Isle of Skye. They are active all year. You should check them out. (Infernal? (Magic/Infernal), WIGHT: A very hardy supernatural being or creature. CU SITH: Faerie dogs that can be seen crossing the wastelands at night. If she was approached in the correct way she would grant wishes. They are small bulbous shaped faeries with huge teeth and pointed ears. FE-Baby Name. sìthiche. They took the appearance of a small horse. They haunted the border regions. BODACH (“old man”) This was a bogeyman or monster spirit that was said to slip down the chimney and steal or terrorize little children. It is immune to darkness and fear spells. WATER WRAITHS: Female water spirits who drag mortals down into the depths. According to the stories of most parents, the bodach would only bother bad or naughty children. But these faeries are attracted to the moors and the heather that covers them. There are said to be similarities between Scottish and Irish supernatural creatures, it could be because they have the same Celtic root. WULVER: A Shetland supernatural creature with the body of man and a wolfs head. (Hebrides) Fairy Spinning and Dirty Water (Hebrides) A fairy who appears at night in lonely places carrying a lantern. The roanes have a natural human form, and live underwater or on deserted skerries, wearing seal-skins which enable them to pass through the waters from one region to another. CAIT SITH: Fairy cat who haunted the highland region. He wore brown clothes, and had a shock of red frizzy hair and wild eyes. SLAUGH (THE HOST): The name of the Unseelie Court or the evil fairies in the folklore of Scotland. Just like a real jungle cat, the cait sith could be dangerous when seen face to face. See Still folk. It uses this light to cause travelers to lose their way. TROWS: These squat, round, misshapen faeries with no legs are found in the Shetland and Orkney Islands. Some of the Scottish girl names that you will find in our Scottish female names list are very traditional. They wore green colored clothes which were in the form of long robes which camouflaged their lower goat half. EACH UISGE (AUGHISKY): They were shape shifters who sometimes came in the guise of a fine horse or a pony. Brown Man of the Muirs A supernatural guardian of the wild creatures from the Border region of Scotland. They could not bear the light of day and so only worked at night, when they took … Related to the Irish/Celtic sluagh. They are famed for luring unwary travelers into dangerous situations. (Magic). ), SLUGG: The Pictish/Scottish fairy of the Highlands and Host of the Unforgiven Dead. Their skin was grey and hair golden and long. BLUE MEN OF THE MINCH: Water spirits that haunted the strait called the Minch, located between the Shiant Islands and Long Island in the Highlands. PUDDLEFOOT: A Perthshire water spirit who haunted a pool near Pitlochry. Regarding Fairy Names About The Generator. Sometimes it is burial shrouds, others it is the bloodstained clothing of those who will soon die. They are the band of the unsanctified dead who fly above the earth, stealing mortals away and taking enormous pleasure in harming humans. Gandalf: MUILEARTEACH: A blue faced hag who takes several forms. 12.The Laird O' Co' 13.Ewen of the Little Head. Their magical and ritual help is undetermined. The Scottish Lowland names for fairies and are confused in tradition with the Picts, the mysterious people of Scotland who built the Pictish Brughs and possibly also the round stone towers. By mortal eye unseen, they hie JOINT EATER: An invisible faery who sits next to people and eats their food so that they gain no benefit from it. Some may be in Gaelic, others in Pictish. These fairy names are cute and elegant — everything you expect a fairy to be. They lived in clans in underwater caves and were blamed for shipwrecks. By some scholars, they are regarded as the fallen angels, not the dead, but on the whole their accounts correspond … Her long stringy hair is partially covered with a hood and a white gown or shroud is her main wardrobe. Sometimes The glaistig is described as half-earth, and half water sprite, although in the Gaelic language her name literally meant a ‘water imp’. They may lend their help to rituals and spells involving the physical and environmental protection of the northern lands of Scotland. If seen he will stop on a road or path and challenge you with a raising of his red right hand. A very dangerous creature to encounter it was capable of hunting in silence. DUNTERS: Known to haunt castles and fortresses of the borders. And they are elfin manners They are cannibalistic were once densely populated the North Sea and the lochs of Scotland. 19.Fairy Friends. It is quite a straightforward and simple name if you are looking for a fairy related name. They lived upon berries and nuts and created warm round nests from plant fiber, however, as their habitat in the Scottish forest dwindled, the ghillie dhu not only became more accustomed to man – though remaining terribly shy and silent – but also began sending emigrants to other parts of the world. BAOBHAN SITH: Would make you want to dash away as far as was possible. In old Scotland, there was no doubt that there were only two groups of faeries: the Gude Fairies and the Wicked Wichts. SLAUGH (THE HOST): The name of the Unseelie Court or the evil fairies in the folklore of Scotland. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. The Unseelie Court, by contrast, were fearsome creatures, inflicting various harms and ills on man and beast alike. Brollachan Scots Gaelic for shapeless thing, a creature of the night. A good defense would be to put salt in the hearth before bedtime. Fairy. BROLLACAN: Scots Gaelic for shapeless thing. As big as a dog, the cait sith was completely black apart from one white spot on it’s breast. Their purpose seems to be the protection of the islands and not the destruction of sailors and ships. They were brought to Scotland by the Norse. This one probably is the most befitting name under the magical names category. Finn means ‘white or fair’. Which is also the case in this generator. Arabella (AIR-uh-bella) A small village in Highland, Scotland, the name could be a twist on Annabella. Coming across folk like Buachailleen, Brownies, Gnomes, the Gruagach, Heather Pixies, Pixies and Seelie Courts can be a very rewarding and magical experience, as most of these faeries enjoy being mischievous, shy and friendly.

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